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Minto Monthly Report Apr'24

May 15, 2024

So, on April 20, halving occurred on the Bitcoin network, which led to a 50% decrease in mining profitability. Our article describes in detail why this is positive for all industry players, and how Minto is using the current situation to increase the profitability for its users. Stay tuned, the fun is just beginning!

Despite the fact that in the final decade of April we were already operating in the post-halving reality, the final results are still impressive: we received more than $84k in net profit with an 11.5% increase in the mining cost of 1 BTC (up to almost $33k). It is the second most profitable month after March (in which all miners earned all-time record mining rewards) with an increase of 2.5 times year-on-year!

April results with 65% uptime

⚙️ The new Minto Dashboard

As for the Minto project, the main April event was the long-awaited Dashboard update, which received new functionality thanks to our partnership with Fireblocks. Now Minto users can buy $BTCMT directly with a bank card by registering via Email or Google, even without a cryptocurrency wallet, which is automatically created immediately after registration!

Now you can start mining Bitcoin with a ready-made crypto wallet, or simply by creating your Minto account using email. Use the new step-by-step guides in our Gitbook.

⛏ TOKEN2049 conference

Minto met the Bitcoin halving not only with a new Dashboard, but also with inspiration from the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai, which ended the day before halving. At our booth we were able to meet and personally interact with a huge number of like-minded people, old and new users and wish each other good luck in the upcoming post-halving reality, for which we have been carefully preparing. We are still confident that no market fluctuations will threaten our project’s profitability in any way!

📈 Below are the statistics for the end of April:

April Statistics

NB! New miners are on the way! In May, you can already see how the project’s energy efficiency is improving and profitability is leveling off (look at the dynamics of AEE and CEE in Stats).

📈 And finally, here is some information about hypothetical results in a 100% uptime mode:

April results with 100% uptime

The smart  65% uptime algorithm  has once again proven its effectiveness with the almost 3-fold advantage: $84k of net profit versus a hypothetical $29k! We continue to hold the course for mining efficiency and plan to upgrade old equipment to new energy-efficient hardware as it becomes available.

So, halving is behind us, Minto is refreshed, inspired and moving only forward! Stay with us and be the first to break into the future that we are all striving for!

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