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How Does the 65% Mining Hardware Uptime Technology Work?

December 14, 2022
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How to ensure mining farm profitability during a market fall? Why have many mining projects stopped, while Minto continues to work in the most difficult market conditions? It's all about the approach.

Minto offers its own technology, thanks to which the accrual of mining rewards isn’t stopping today, when all known mining tokens have essentially ceased to exist (We have described this in detail in this article).

Minto is an infrastructure project, and even in times of rapid growth we’ve always paid great attention to the quality of infrastructure solutions, cost optimization, including electricity. Today, when it's time to gather stones, Minto remains cost-effective, using the 65% mining hardware uptime technology.

How does the 65% mining hardware uptime technology work?

So, energy companies provide electricity on different terms. The electricity price depends in particular on the load on the power grid. During peak hours, the energy price increases so much that mining may become unprofitable. With the proper level of analytics, these price surges are quite predictable, which means that the entire mining model can be significantly optimized for the fluctuations in the electricity price.

Below is a table of the mining center’s operation for the year, with regard to the specifics of the energy suppliers' pricing. Miners switch to idle mode when the increased electricity tariff is in effect. This happens around 7 a.m. on weekdays, after which the miners are launched at the scheduled time, for example, in December - just after noon. Then the miners stop again at around 2 p.m. and start back up only after 9 p.m. There are no surges in energy consumption on weekends and holidays, so miners can work around the clock. Thus, it turns out that in total, miners work 65% of the time.

Hashrate watcher gives a visual representation of how it looks on the chart:

(On December 13, Minto hashrate was increased to 60 PH/s)

Now let's see what the actual numbers are using the reports for the last 4 months:

If mining was carried out in the usual way according to  “the more we earn, the better” principle, then over the past 4 months the company would have worked at a loss. Actually, huge mining companies are operating this way today: buying increasingly more mining capacity, taking out more loans, selling the earned Bitcoins to cover operating costs and in the hope for better times. We have examined the situation with American mining companies in detail in this article.

Minto demonstrates a flexible approach to mining, as it’s not burdened by loans and is inclined to take measured steps rather than trying to earn all the money in the world. This strategy pays off in the long run, and even more so when the market is in an overdrive.

With the use of 65% uptime technology, we see completely different figures. Yes, the gross income in Bitcoins turns out to be about 40% lower, but work efficiency is so high that the company has shown a positive cash flow every month. There was not a single month when Minto worked at a loss, including the most difficult month, when FTX collapsed. We can say that these 15.7 BTC are worth a lot, because they come at the cheapest possible price.

So, the year 2023 is approaching, and the company is entering it in optimal shape and is fully ready for new challenges and achievements.

The Minto team has always believed in the huge prospects of the crypto industry, and has been creating a reliable infrastructure for Bitcoin mining over many years so as not to depend on any market fluctuations. That is why today, despite the difficult times for digital and many other assets, Minto continues to bring daily profits to its users.

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