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The New Minto Dashboard

April 18, 2024

Minto has radically updated its dashboard. Now, a user can engage in Bitcoin mining without specific knowledge on creating and refilling crypto wallets, buying and selling tokens, or paying related fees (Web3). From this day on, Minto provides an opportunity to mine Bitcoin to everyone who is used to interacting with Internet services in the traditional way - just register an account using your email!

When registering via email, a cryptocurrency wallet linked to your address is automatically created, after which all Web3 services related to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) become available. However, nothing prevents you from connecting to Minto through your own pre-created crypto wallet. Thus, you now have two ways of interacting with Minto - Web2 and Web3 - whichever is more convenient for you!

We have also added the option of purchasing tokens directly using a bank card. This update allows to completely eliminate user interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges, which remains an insurmountable obstacle to the Web3 world for many due to the high complexity and high cost of errors in converting and transferring digital assets.

So, now, right after you register in the Minto Dashboard with your email, Bitcoin mining becomes immediately available to you. All it takes to start mining is three steps:

  1. Buy Minto tokens (BTCMT)
  2. Stake Minto tokens
  3. Start receiving daily mining rewards directly in your account

In addition, unlike the previous version, transactions in the new dashboard will soon take place without using native currency (gasless transactions) - you will no longer need to have specific cryptocurrency on your balance (e.g., BNB in the Binance Smart Chain network) to pay transaction fees (gas), buy it in advance on exchanges and constantly monitor the balance.

We also plan to add several new features: a simple withdrawal of funds from the wallet (now available only in Web3) and viewing the history, an internal Swap service (crypto assets' conversion) and a user notification system both on exchanges or in traditional banking applications (bell), and Minto community voting integration directly with the dashboard. The Gitbook knowledge base will be transferred here as well.

The Minto team is very pleased that we are consistently expanding our audience and approaching the users of traditional financial services (Web2). 

There are lots of news and updates ahead, stay tuned!

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