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VOTE#9. Direct $150,000 From Treasury to Buy New Miners

March 21, 2024

Thanks to the creation of the Treasury, Minto accumulates significant funds, whose use requires a community decision. We propose to allocate part of the Treasury funds ($150,000) to purchase modern miner models to improve the project energy efficiency because the halving is potentially a great opportunity to buy mining hardware at a good discount.

Equipment that starts generating losses will be shut down and replaced with more modern units. We therefore expect not only to maintain the current hashrate level, but also to continue to increase it!

What are the benefits?

If the vote result is positive, we expect to raise $300,000 to purchase more modern miners. This amount will comprise: 

  1. $150,000 - funds allocated from the Treasury;  
  2. $125,000 - funds from additional token issue* 
  3. $25,000 - Minto Team funds

*details of participation, conditions, etc. can be found in our Telegram community.

As a result of the purchase, first of all, the Active Customer Hashrate (ACH) will improve according to the “best capacities for customers” principle.

The current Customer Energy Efficiency (CEE) will improve by ~23% from 38.9 W/TH to ~30 W/TH, which will significantly reduce the burden associated with electricity costs and, as a result, increase profitability by ~40-50% compared to now.

The hashrate will eventually stabilize around 105,000 TH/s, as the outdated 55,000 TH/s with an energy efficiency of 60 W/TH operating since October 2021 is gradually turned off while new miners are purchased and installed.

Let’s vote!

Option 1: Yes, use funds for the purchase of mining hardware

Option 2: No, do not use funds

Voting on the blockchain will take place @
Voting period: 26/03/2024 to 28/03/2024 04:00 PM UTC(+00).

If you have trouble voting or would like to know more details - read the article and join our Telegram community.

03/28/2024 Update: VOTE#9 IS OVER!

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