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Joint Treasury Management Mechanics

January 31, 2024
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Table of contents:


1. Roles and responsibilities

2. Treasury management rules

3. Transparency and accountability

4. Communication


This document contains the general principles of Minto Treasury management. It includes approaches and recommendations to ensure responsible and effective management of Minto resources.

1. Roles and responsibilities

Objective: To determine who will manage the Treasury, what their powers and responsibilities are.

An Investment Committee is being formed to manage Minto Treasury

The Investment Committee comprises 5 members who are elected by voting.

Each Investment Committee member holds one of the 5 private keys as a multiple signature from the Minto Treasury. The initial board of the Investment Committee is formed from the current key holders according to the Whitepaper.

Any Minto holder can nominate their own or someone else's candidacy to the Investment Committee, subject to the minimum requirements.

The main responsibilities of the Investment Committee members are:

  • Defining a long- and short-term investment strategy
  • Treasury funds management according to agreed investment strategies
  • Budget preparation and approval
  • Monitoring budget implementation
  • Reports preparation and publication

2. Treasury management rules

Objective: To develop rules for Treasury funds management, conditions for funds allocation, criteria for investments.

Minto Treasury funds are managed through long- and short-term investment strategies by voting on the portal. 

The Investment Committee forms and submits investment strategies to Minto holders for approval. A long-term strategy is formed for a period of at least 1 calendar year, a short-term strategy is formed on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

If it is necessary to make adjustments to the strategy, the Investment Committee initiates a new vote, justifying the need to make the proposed adjustments.

Investment decisions require the mandatory approval of a simple majority of the Investment Committee.

The distribution of Minto Treasury funds takes place on a monthly basis by voting on the portal.

With regard to the long-term and short-term strategies agreed upon by Minto holders, the Investment Committee comes forward with a plan for the distribution of Treasury funds on a monthly basis, no later than 7 working days after the beginning of the next month.

The final decision and approval of the proposed plan is carried out by a general vote on the portal.

The threshold for making decisions on funds allocation is a simple majority (more than 50% of the votes) for one of the selected options in the voting.

If the vote is not approved by a simple majority, the funds received during the previous period remain in the Treasury, and the vote is considered completed.

3. Transparency and accountability

Objective: To develop a reporting system that provides full transparency of Minto Treasury funds management for all interested parties, including, e.g., regular reports, audits, and the implementation of blockchain tools for tracking transactions.

To ensure transparency and accountability, a reporting system is being formed as part of Minto Treasury management activities, consisting of the following documents: 

  1. The register of past votes, located on the Snapshot platform at 
  2. Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of Minto indicators, published in the company news section, social networks, email newsletter, and on the page Stats.
  3. Detailed information on financial, product and blockchain indicators will be published on the project statistics page for Minto holders, and on the page,  accessible to everybody

The detailed information will contain:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on company performance
  • The history of transactions on mined BTC and their subsequent distribution with links to sources in the blockchain
  • Up-to-date information on the current Treasury balances, the history of Treasury operations 
  • Up-to-date information on Minto community votes
  • Audit reports

4. Communication

Objective: To develop mechanisms for receiving feedback from Minto holders and making changes to the management mechanics.

An important part of Minto development is to receive feedback from Minto holders and the community. For effective community interaction, Minto suggests holding discussions through initiatives or votes in the Minto Telegram Community. Community information is available on the Minto website or via the link:

Any community member and a Minto holder can put forward an initiative for voting using the “Initiatives” section in the Voting section on the Minto website (this section will be implemented in Q22024).

Dear Minto holders!

Please note that this document was created primarily for open discussion, and its final version will become an integral part of the Whitepaper.

In the first weeks of February, we plan to hold the first vote with a proposal on the distribution of Treasury funds based on this document.

We look forward to your participation and support.


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