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Why Are Locked Tokens Not Displayed in a Wallet?

October 8, 2021

Tokens are locked to stimulate the crypto project development, whereby the coin price does not drop.

🚩The token lockage prevents speculation with the price of the coin during the launch phase of the project.

When buying BTCMT tokens or another project`s tokens, you may choose a lock period.

💰As a rule, users receive rewards for lockage. A user cannot conduct any transactions with tokens or transfer them as long as they are locked. That is why the locked tokens are not displayed on a wallet balance. They are locked by special smart contracts. Tokens you receive as a reward will be displayed on your wallet balance as they are not locked, and you may conduct any transactions with them.

🟠To check your balance, you should connect your wallet to the Minto website:

In the “Staking” tab, you can see how many unlocked and locked BTCMT you have.

💎Not only can you stake unlocked tokens, but you can actually stake locked tokens and receive rewards. Thus, locking your tokens, you lose nothing but even receive rewards for the lock period.

🔥Tokens are unlocked automatically by the end of the lock period. Then you are free to sell and transfer them.🔥

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