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Weekly Report (21/12/6–12)

December 11, 2021

Updates, BitKeep, HECO Demo Day, Sources to keep up with blockchain.

First of all, we added an integration with the BitKeep wallet. It means that now you can purchase BTCMT, use our dApp, stake and withdraw using it. The user experience there is absolutely smooth, so if you plan to get more or to get your hands on it at first — stick to BitKeep!

The second pleasant enhancement from our team this week is two improvements in the user interface: the opportunity to calculate estimated daily rewards on the statistics page and the fully redesigned staking page. Now there is no reason to unpack your calculator (or Chrome search box) to get all the numbers, stake/withdraw BTCMT and claim your mining rewards. Everything can be done using one page.

New staking tab functionality

Rewards calculator on the statistics tab

Minto also took a part in HECO Demo Day in Dubai. Our CMO shared the vision of our team and information on our product. The record of their broadcast is available on YouTube.

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