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VOTE#8. ACH Switching to 100% Uptime Mode

January 30, 2024

The question about the possibility of switching to the 100% mining hardware uptime mode often comes up in the Minto community. 

We suggest considering a switch to the 100% uptime mode of the actively used 28,500 TH/s of hashrate, which provides mining rewards to Minto holders under staking and Autofarm v2 contracts.

As a clear example of the potential benefit/loss from uptime mode change, the Minto team calculated the possible future profitability per unit of hashrate of 1 TH/s = 100 BTCMT:

The Minto team calculated the possible future profitability per unit of hashrate

The current ACH = 28,000 TH/s; CEE = 38.9 W/TH (source: Stats).

The calculation is based on historical data as of January 30, 2024, excluding the influence of such variables as:

  • Profitability from increased commissions on the Bitcoin network
  • Network difficulty fluctuations
  • The upcoming halving, expected in mid-April

In our opinion, in the short term, the operation of miners in the 65% mode will provide higher profitability, and besides, additional risks associated with pre-halving fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate, difficulty, etc. should be taken into account.

That’s why, please weigh all the risks when making a decision!

In case of a positive decision, 28,500 TH/s will be switched to 100% mining hardware uptime mode until February 5, 2024. With a negative voting outcome, everything will remain as before.

Due to the technical features of the power supply markets, switching between 65% and 100% uptime modes can be carried out no more often than once a month.

Voting on the blockchain will take place @
Voting period: 01/02/2024 to 05/02/2024 03:00 PM UTC(+04).

If you have trouble voting or would like to know more details - read the article and join our Telegram community.

02/05/2024 Update: VOTE#8 IS OVER!

Vote#8 is over

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