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VOTE #6: Autofarm v2 Smart Contract Initialization

October 3, 2023

As you know, Autofarm (aka Auto-Staking) allows you to maximize the profit from BTCMT token staking by reinvesting daily mining rewards and earning a compound interest.

Thanks to technology evolution, the Minto team has significantly improved the Autofarm smart contract, and today it offers users the new Autofarm v2 with the following advantages:

  1. Gas fee savings when interacting with a contract in v2 are about 85-95% compared to Autofarm v1.
  2. Support for any cryptocurrency pairs with $BTCMT on any DEX vs only the BTCMT/USDT pair on only the PancakeSwap exchange in v1.
  3. Adding a bonus motivation program to v2 with additional BTCMT distribution from the marketing budget, which will increase APY accordingly.

Autofarm v2 is the result of the natural Minto protocol development, where all processes related to contract interaction, emergence of appropriate commissions and possible additional costs (e.g., slippage tolerance) are deeply optimized.

We encourage you to take part in the vote to launch the new Autofarm v2 or to keep the old v1 in effect. In case of a positive decision in favor of v2, all changes will take effect gradually in the most comfortable manner.

Voting on the blockchain will take place @

Voting period: 08/10/2023 to 10/10/2023 07:00 PM UTC(+00).

Minto is moving forward!

Good luck to everyone and increased profitability!

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