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Minto Referral Program Is Launched

March 2, 2023

On March 01, 2023, Minto launched a referral program. By sharing a referral link with friends and colleagues, a user can earn up to eight percent of their recipients' purchases.

The Minto referral program offers an awesome opportunity to talk about your successful earning experience, attract like-minded people to your side, feel like the driving force of a high-tech community with a Bitcoin mining project and a unique yield farming platform as its foundation.

Minto allows users to earn on Bitcoin mining by staking BTCMT hashrate tokens. Daily rewards are paid out in Bitcoins on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

The referral link is created directly on the project's website and can be sent to the addressee by any means. The link recipient gets acquainted with the Minto project and its tokenomics, and starts working with BTCMT tokens.

The link sender receives a bonus from their referral's purchases. The referral bonus is paid out in BTCMT tokens and will not exceed 8% of the purchase amount. The bonus can be withdrawn to the user's wallet in the same way as the daily reward. Referral bonuses can also be staked. Most importantly, you can not only share the link, but also split your bonus between the two of you. Earn together!

Find out how to use our referral program here.

We are inviting you to use our new referral program and take part in its beta testing. The authors of the most useful reviews will get rewards!

By the end of March 2023, tell us about your first experience with the referral program and get 20 BTCMT if your feedback is one of the most useful!

Positive user experience, user trust in the project is the most valuable thing in any business. That is why Minto has created a solution designed to expand the community and to create new connections between different people. The Minto team emphasizes that earning on the cryptocurrency market is made more interesting and easier by exchanging opinions and comparing achievements within the project community.

By attracting users, each participant opens up new opportunities for their referrals to get additional income, but also enhances their own value by sharing their experience and valuable knowledge.

Share your successful earning experience with friends and colleagues - help them take advantage of the new opportunities!

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