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Stake Minto For 20% APR

May 15, 2023

We partnered with a messenger & crypto wallet iMe (@ime_en) to make you happy (and wealthy)💰

From May 15 you can stake minto at iMe for 20% APR for 3 months.

It is Twitter and Telegram-enabled in iMe app.

You can send BTCMT tokens to your friends in telegram chats and swap on popular DEXs without leaving iMe app. Enjoy!

And if you have any questions — don't be afraid to ask!

🚀 New BTCMT staking from Minto project is available in iMe wallet! ❤️

🔸 Token data:
• BTCMT token in BNB Chain network;
Smart contract address.

👍 BTCMT staking is available for LIME holders with BASE LIME level or more, which requires you to have on your balance at least 1 LIME!

⏳ Duration:
May 15, 2023 12:00 - August 15, 2023 12:00 UTC.

💰 Interest accrual:
• The APR rate = 20% available for any deposit;
• Increased rate APY = 22,13% is activated when you reach 10 000 BTCMT or more in your deposit;
• Interest is accrued daily at 00:00 UTC.

💸 Withdrawal:
• Withdrawal after the end of the program. Fee - 0%; no waiting period.
• Scheduled withdrawal. Fee - 1%; waiting period is 10 days.
• Immediate withdrawal. Fee - 10%, no waiting period.
Heard about miners' profits and always wanted to join the party? Fasten your belts, because with iMe app, you can now participate in #BTC mining right in Telegram!🤯

💰 BTCMT is a unique token that equals one unit of BTC mining power.

💸 If you ever wanted to become a miner, then you have a great opportunity! Stake BTCMT in iMe and join BTC mining!

👀 You can find the Staking program in the Wallet > Services > Staking.

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