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On December 1, Minto will add 5,000 TH/s

November 23, 2023

On December 1, 2023, Minto will add 5,000 TH/s.

Thus, the total project hashrate will be 83,000 TH/s (83 PH/s) with an average energy efficiency (AEE) of 53.5 W/TH.

The autumn market growth, spurred by the expectations of spot ETF approval, was supported by a new wave of interest in Ordinals, NFT in the Bitcoin blockchain (we analyzed this phenomenon in detail in May). 

As a result, the commissions in the Bitcoin network increased manifold again and in some blocks reached almost 3.8 BTC, that is, about 65% of the block reward.

The commissions in the Bitcoin network increased manifold again

In general, the interest in BRC-20 standard tokens (tokens in the Bitcoin blockchain) is growing, in November a very successful listing of the ORDI token took place on Binance, Binance Pool provided the opportunity to issue Ordinals, and the sales of the respective NFT collections are breaking new records.

All this has an extremely positive effect on the income of BTCMT token holders, since miners earn not only on block rewards, but also on mining commissions. Under these conditions, Minto could not stand aside and is now expanding its Bitcoin mining capabilities, while at the same time improving the project’s average energy efficiency (AEE).

We'll tell you more about everything in the November report. Stay with Minto and earn on the Bitcoin growth and increased commissions!

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