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Minto Vision And Tokenomics

July 26, 2021

What do you know about mining and its issues? Frankly speaking, the first patterns coming to mind are expensiveness, difficulty and dirty energy consumption. What is more, Bitcoin mining is no longer affordable: finding the proper equipment and location is impossible and skyrocketing prices have shut the door to new miners.

The Minto team believes that those features are outdated and it’s time to revolutionize the vision on mining.

We started our path of solving these issues by creating our own BTCMT token. The exceptional feature about it is that it is secured by actively operating Bitcoin mining equipment. BTCMT is a token secured by a unit of actively operating Bitcoin mining power. Holding the token is effectively equal to owning Bitcoin mining power.

Therefore, its fair market value can be determined using the DCF method. Staking the token in a dApp entitles the owner to receive mining rewards for mining Bitcoin and listing on exchanges will provide substantial liquidity for the tokenized mining power.

In other words, there is no maintenance, no risks and no high entry thresholds for

the end-user. As a token holder you receive rewards the same way miners do —

or you can profit from buying and selling mining power — only in this case you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles of traditional mining.

A token will create an efficient marketplace for professional miners and beginners. By trading BTCMT, market participants will be free to buy and sell mining capacity of any size, at any time and at low cost.

Miners who have not tokenized mining capacity will be able to use this token to avoid the risks of equipment price fluctuations or to lock in profits. BTCMT also links miners to traders. The price of the Token must track with the price of Bitcoin and the Token must be able to function as a leveraged Bitcoin token in the market.

Moreover, since the Token does not depend on financial derivatives, it is not itself confirmed to be at risk of liquidation.

At the same time, the Project will act as the main market maker and unlike tokens, whose value is hard to determine, the Token has an intuitive valuation model and an OTC market for the underlying assets. Therefore, the Project has clear methodologies and incentives to bring the Token market price into equilibrium.

Thus, BTCMT will be able to meet the different trading needs of traders, including ways previously unattainable.

Right now, the amount of tokens is only limited by the mining equipment involved into the project. Currently, the full power of the data center is not being exhausted on Minto. But, as it becomes necessary, more and more of the facility’s available miners will be used to maintain the operation.

Bitcoin mining requires a lot of electricity. Other mining facilities are connected to the city power grids and use electricity, which usually comes from burning coal.

We don’t do that here. Mining with Minto neither harms the environment nor produces any CO2 emissions, as the electricity we use to power the facility is provided by a private hydroelectric power plant. It was approved by WWF and complies with the CEO Water Mandate introduced by the UN.

Here in Minto we adhere to the principle of affordable, easy clear mining and we welcome you to join us.

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