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Minto Monthly Report Oct'23

November 3, 2023

Supercharged by our participation in the WDMS Global summit in Hong Kong, in early October the Minto team finished its work on a new Autofarm (aka Auto-Staking) smart contract version. It offers users a better way to work with any cryptocurrency/BTCMT pair on any platforms (and not just BTCMT/USDT on PancakeSwap) with commissions reduced by 85-95%.

Also, as an additional bonus, Minto offered a 20% higher APY due to the additional BTCMT distribution in the first 15 days after switching to Autofarm v2.

According to the results of the vote held on October 8-10, the Minto community made an almost unanimous decision to switch the project to the new advanced Autofarm v2 smart contract. Thus, starting on November 1, BTC mining rewards are no longer being accrued in the previous version of the Autofarm smart contract (v1).

Minto wants to take this chance once again to remind you of the importance of manually transferring your BTCMT tokens from Autofarm v1 to Autofarm v2.

Use the mobile or desktop guide, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Minto support!

In fact, October 2023 turned out to be very successful not only for Minto, but also for the entire crypto industry. It’s the month filled with expectations both of the approaching halving, and the Bitcoin spot ETF launch, which propelled it to grow by more than 30%. 

At the same time, BTC mining difficulty has also increased by 10%, which slightly restrains the BTC mining rewards' growth.

Nevertheless, our October results speak for themselves:

📈 Numbers

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime:
Mined: 5.1415 BTC (149 327 USD)
Electricity cost: 178 841 USD
Net profit: -29 513 USD

Actual results with 65% uptime:
Mined: 3.1385 BTC (91 075 USD)
Electricity cost: 75 517 USD
Net profit: 15 558 USD

So, there are less than two months left until the end of the year, and having launched the new Autofarm v2, Minto is more than ever ready to respond to market growth with increased mining rewards.

Join Minto and earn even more every day!

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