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Minto Monthly Report: Mar’23

April 14, 2023

March is the first month of spring, and Bitcoin was spring-like bouncy in the range of $20-30k. A 50% growth in 20 days is not bad!

Well, things are running their course…

📈 Numbers

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime:
Mined: 6.1757 BTC (150 256 USD)
Electricity cost: 165 219 USD
Net profit: -14 963 USD

Actual results with 65% uptime:
Mined: 3.5672 BTC (86 152 USD)
Electricity cost: 59 941 USD
Net profit: 26 211 USD

Despite Bitcoin’s growth, the concomitant increase in its network difficulty is still preventing Minto from mining full force. When the difficulty increases, miners earn less, so we are still using a smart algorithm of 65% mining hardware uptime, having earned over $26k net in March against potential losses of about $15k.

Nevertheless, we are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse and are ready to switch to 100% as soon as we are sure that it won’t lead to negative financial results.

⚙️ Updates

Life at Minto is also full of other events, because our work literally never stops. On March 1, we launched the long-awaited referral program. Now everyone can share our referral link with their colleagues and loved ones, get referral rewards from any purchase of BTCMT tokens and even split these rewards with each other!

Also, have you heard that Minto is now on Instagram and Tik Tok? Join us!


As always, we believe that the future looks optimistic and that interesting times are coming, not least because BTC halving is still ahead, and if we look at things more broadly, global changes in the world economy are underway… Hold on to your hats!

Stay with Minto, and you won’t be afraid of any changes!

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