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Minto Monthly Report For September

October 6, 2022

It’s October already and we still haven’t updated you on how September went! Let’s fix it :)

We’re going to start with our September report. See below how much we’ve earned this month in “65% uptime” mode and what the numbers would look like with a 100% uptime.

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime
BTC: 6,5846
USD: 127 168
Electricity cost:
USD: 134 600
Net profit:
USD: -7 432

Actual results with 65% uptime:
BTC: 3,9269
USD: 76 186
Electricity cost:
USD: 55 436
Net profit:
USD: 20 750

— We held a new vote on our platform. This time we suggested migrating from HECO to BNB to be able to develop our product on Binance. The results are in the post above or you can follow this link to see how it went.

— We’re launching Minto in Korea — Minto Korea Inc. This is huge news for our project, a new direction for development. Details are coming soon, and for now — let’s celebrate :)

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