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Minto Monthly Report For October

November 8, 2022

What? Is October already over? How nice that we still had time to prepare a report!

October was pretty tough. BTC difficulty increased by 16%, while uptime was 10 hours on weekdays. Reducing the uptime is actually works! Interesting to look at the results in November with the uptime being 14 hours.

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime
BTC: 6,2312
USD: 120 451
Electricity cost:
USD: 139 087
Net profit:
USD: -18 636

Actual results with 65% uptime:
BTC: 3,6813
USD: 71 148
Electricity cost:
USD: 57 156
Net profit:
USD: 13 992

⚙️ Updates
— Within a month we announced HECO-BNB transition, opened the bridge and finally migrated from HECO to BNB chain!
— We’ve started optimizing the auto-farming contract. Woo-hoo!
— And also we are working on a new smart contract for BTC. More information is coming soon!

⛏ Events:
— The WORLD DIGITAL MINING SUMMIT BY BITMAIN is tomorrow and we are already there! Stay tuned for updates 💚

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