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Minto Monthly Report For December

January 13, 2023

This is the long-awaited December report. It’s nice to see we increase net profit!

📈 Numbers

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime:
Mined: 6.4249 BTC (107 802 USD)
Electricity cost: 144 795 USD
Net profit: -36 993 USD

Actual results with 65% uptime:
Mined: 3.9082 BTC (51 148 USD)
Electricity cost: 51 148 USD
Net profit: 14 435 USD

⚙️ Updates

— Updated the Minto Whitepaper with the flexible energy efficiency baseline level which cannot exceed 60W/T

— Added a new "Average Energy Efficiency" (AEE) parameter to the STATS section

— Installed new up-to-date mining hardware:

    On Dec 13: Added 5 PH/s bringing the project hashrate to 60 PH/s and AEE to 58.5 W/TH

    On Dec 31: Added another 5 PH/s bringing hashrate to 65 PH/s and AEE to 57.2 W/TH

The STATS section:


— Held an AMA with Metamoonshots

— Launched a Twitter contest and raffled 700 BTCMT for Crypto wishes

— Were invited to the BlockHash podcast to chat about Minto. Watch and listen to Bryan!

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