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Minto Monthly Report Dec'23

January 8, 2024

December was the best month of 2023!

Minto finished the year with a bang, showing the best result out of the 12 months and earning just over $71,000 net in December!

The November interest surge in Ordinals continues with a shiny new twist, as a result of which commissions on the Bitcoin network soared another 1.5-2 times and on some days even exceeded May records.

Commissions on the Bitcoin network soared another 1.5-2 times

Thus, ideal conditions developed for mining in December: high network commissions were combined with an increase in the bitcoin exchange rate, which came close to $45,000.

However, Minto’s success is, of course, not only due to the favorable market situation, but also a job well-done under a long-term strategy!

Below is a table with Minto’s results for the last 4 months, including December:

📈 Numbers

Minto’s results for the last 4 months

December net profit growth amounted to more than 500% compared to September in dollar terms.

In addition, the estimated December result for the 100% mining hardware uptime mode came out in the black, which, after a prolonged crypto winter, is a very important signal about the gradual return of the cryptocurrency market to normal.

⚙️ Updates

Minto is always looking to the future, laying the foundation for its success in the present, so the key event in December was Vote#7, which we proposed to the community aiming for success in 2024! 

We are very pleased that the Minto community has supported our proposals, and we are entering the new year 2024 with an updated mechanics for calculating mining rewards, a hashrate of 104 PH/s and AEE of 50.3 W/TH!

Minto users received the most energy efficient hashrate at the rate of 1 BTCMT = 0.01 TH/s, for which the CEE (Customer Energy Efficiency) parameter was added to the Stats section on the website. 

The current value of CEE = 38.9 W/TH.

We have created a Treasury, which will be replenished by mining on equipment, whose hashrate has not yet been redeemed by users. 

As part of the new voting, the community will make decisions on how to manage the Treasury.

Thus, in December, we prepared well for one of the main events of the crypto industry in 2024 - the halving of the Bitcoin network, and also created excellent conditions for the Minto protocol development on the Ethereum blockchain!

There is a lot of work ahead, but the results of December speak for themselves, confirming that we are on the right track.

Stay with Minto and let's earn even more in 2024!

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