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Minto Monthly Report Aug'23. From LATAM to Hong Kong.

September 19, 2023

The more work there is, the faster time flies. It seemed that it was summer just a second ago, but September is almost over already!

In August, Minto celebrated the 2nd anniversary of BTCMT presale. In honor of this event we added 5k of hashrate, and held a contest on Twitter, where 30 lucky people received their awards.

But those who work a lot get a lot done, and today the project’s hashrate is already 78,000 TH/s, while its average energy efficiency (AAE) is 54.4 W/TH!

The Minto team also visited Latin America and assessed infrastructural business expansion opportunities on-site. We are already testing miner operation in Paraguay, and preparing to take the next step! We’ll keep you updated on the news.

Straight from Paraguay, we are going to Hong Kong in September for the WDMS Global summit organized by Bitmain. But this is the event of the next month)

In the meantime, here are our August results:

📈 Numbers

Hypothetical results with 100% uptime:
Mined: 5.6709 BTC (156 638 USD)
Electricity cost: 177 999 USD
Net profit: -21 361 USD

Actual results with 65% uptime:
Mined: 3.2409 BTC (89 452 USD)
Electricity cost: 71 478 USD
Net profit: 17 975 USD

Everyone always wants summer to go on forever, but fall is always better for Bitcoin!

See you in Hong Kong!

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