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Minto Launches BTCMT Token on the Binance Smart Chain

June 8, 2022

You can now find a new currency pair, BTCMT/USDT on the PancakeSwap DEX (choose a BSC network and import BTCMT token with an address: 0x410a56541bD912F9B60943fcB344f1E3D6F09567)

BTCMT used to work only in HECO, but now it has appeared in the Binance ecosystem.

When working on BSC, please keep in mind that all commissions are paid in BNB, and mining rewards are paid in BTCB (Bitcoin in Binance).

We hope this update will add convenience to your work process, especially if you are used to working with the Binance exchange! You can also withdraw BTCB tokens to Huobi Global (on the Binance network, BEP-20), as well as HBTC (on the HECO network, HRC-20).

Join Minto and work in Binance Smart Chain now!

What is an Extra bonus?

Minto offers all users who choose Autofarm on BSC an additional bonus with a simple staking term rule: the longer the staking period, the higher the additional bonus.

Extra bonus is paid in BTCMT!

There are 5 profitability levels: the extra bonus for continuous 15-day staking  brings an additional 0.5% of the daily reward, 1% for 30 days, 1.5% for 90 days, 2.5% for 180 days, and 4% - for 360 days. BTCMT as an extra bonus can be withdrawn without losing your bonus percentage and used at your discretion. The bonus percentage starts to be calculated anew when you manually change the staked tokens balance.

So, the new Autofarm service maximizes user profit and spares them from conducting daily operations to withdraw and convert BTC. The extra bonus is a nice addition for those who are set on receiving a long-term income. Try Autofarm, make sure it works for your financial goals and get a nice extra bonus!

Join Minto in BSC and get the maximum income using Autofarm with an Extra bonus!

NB! Please note that BTCMT in BSC on PancakeSwap is still cheaper than BTCMT in HECO on MDEX!

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