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Minto Is Launching a New Vote (updated)

May 15, 2023

The Vote#4 CEX listing vs adding hashrate is OVER.

Almost 80% of you voted for adding more hashrate💸💸💸

Give us a week and we'll deliver!

Congrats everyone!


We are launching a new Vote on the blockchain! So, you will have such a chance, and we will do as you decide.

Get ready, and don’t miss the opportunity to influence Minto’s track of development.

Decide how to use the company budget first and affect the development of the project.
There are two options:

💰 Listing of BTCMT on the BitMart CEX

• It ensures a boost in liquidity and trading volume
• More investors will know about Minto, so community and, therefore, rewards will grow faster
• The centralized platform will provide a simpler and faster way of trading

💸 Adding new miners at a rate of 3 000 TH/s

• With new equipment, the mining capacity will grow
• It will improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
• It will provide more stability and profitability for token holders

Voting remains open until May 16, 2023. Please remember the weight of your vote is proportional to the number of tokens you hold.

We value your opinion and aim to continually improve our project with your active participation. Together, we can select the most promising direction for the sustained success of our project.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey!

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