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Minto Community Voted For the Smart Mining Algorithm

June 28, 2022

From 06/15/2022 to 06/17/2022 06:00 UTC, Minto held a vote at

Minto turned to its community with a fairly simple and rational proposal: to optimize the mining process up to 65% of the initial hardware load, thereby reducing electricity consumption during peak hours when increased electricity tariffs are applied.

This would allow Minto to pay less for electricity and increase the estimated mining profitability by about 50%.

The smart mining algorithm proposed by Minto allows the team to regulate mining cost-effectively, thus increasing the mining income of BTCMT token holders.

This decision was supported by an absolute majority of the voters and went into effect. Now, as you can see in the mining stats, since June 19, 2022, mining rewards have more than doubled, i.e., in comparison with June 14 results. At the same time, the Bitcoin exchange rate continues to hover near annual lows, and the difficulty is in no hurry to decrease!

So, Minto confirms that everything is going fine, BTCMT token holders made a sensible choice and began to earn more even at this difficult time for the cryptocurrency industry!

Minto takes care of your income every day and does everything to make you feel comfortable.

Stay with Minto, there are still lots of interesting things ahead!

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