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Minto CEO About Migration

September 29, 2022

Hi everyone 👋🏻

We are in the final stages of testing the bridge and are planning a release in the next 2 weeks. Many of you have noticed that the HECO chain has stopped actively developing, and this chain’s performance leaves a lot to be desired.

We too have noticed and felt it to the fullest - especially on the launch side of new products. In the spring and summer we had to urgently revamp our development plans, dropping many of the features and things we had planned to do and concentrating our main efforts on building the infrastructure on the BNB chain. In a short time we created all the current infrastructure on BNB, and now we are ready to fully migrate to it and continue developing our project on a stable blockchain that has a future.

We are sticking to our development plans and will publish an updated roadmap soon. We still believe that Minto has a lot of potential. And we will continue to develop it.

We need your feedback and communication to know that we are moving in the right direction and doing the right things. So, we'll be launching a new poll here soon It will be devoted to migration from HECO to BNB, and your choice will determine the subsequent fate and development of the project.You will learn more from the Minto team in the near future here and on our other socials.

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