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Minto Adds 5 PH/s in Honor of Valentine's Day

February 15, 2023

On February 14, Valentine's Day, Minto decided to increase the project hashrate once again, thus raising the mining power to 70 PH/s with a total energy efficiency of 56.0 W/TH.

The January 30% growth of the cryptocurrency market, and the 300% month-on-month increase in Minto profitability showed that the project effectively uses market pauses to optimize resources and accumulate mining hardware so that a synergistic effect manifests itself at the right time and everyone earns a lot of money.

While the market exhales a little, Minto has a chance to congratulate you on the day of all lovers as it connects the next 5,000 TH/s to the mining pool.

The year 2023 has started well for the entire industry, and we have no intention of lagging behind, especially since, according to some estimates, halving awaits us at the end of the year.

Anyway, our task is to improve and strengthen the infrastructure, and the market will do the rest.

Stay with Minto and get ready for a new breakthrough with us!

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