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Media Talks About Us

October 25, 2021

Recently, some media have posted articles about Minto. It made us feel like real celebrities!

We appreciate our cooperation with those media and want to share their articles with you.


The article talks about staking and how to make money using the BTCMT token, in addition to yield farming. Read the full article here:

CryptoNewsZ is a digital news publication, one of the pioneers covering news and events in the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technologies.


The article talks about staking, its benefits, and the combination of mining and yield farming. They also mention presale, which is continuing, so you still have the opportunity to buy BTCMT tokens at a lower price. Read the full article here:

Cryptowisser covers all topics of the crypto market and makes it available to everyone.


The article talks about the peculiarities of staking with Minto, stresses our green mining and environmental friendliness due to a private hydroelectric power plant energy use. Read the full article here:

PublishOx is a blogging platform dedicated to the crypto market.


The article is about staking and the calculation of rewards provided for participation from the very beginning. Read the full article here:

CryptoNews is a digital news media about the cryptocurrency market offering a comprehensive overview of the market with opinions, guides, views.

💜Bitcoin Insider

The article is about staking and the underlying principles of its work. It also includes some links to our guides and pages on social media. Read the full article here:

Bitcoin Insider is a helpful resource for those who want to understand crypto. It outlines the important events and platforms of the industry in-depth, covers market news.


The article is about Minto staking and how it works. Read the full article here:

Coinpedia is a trusted news media dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and decentralized apps.

We are grateful for their publications about us and recall you about the staking program that started last week. The sooner you start participating, the more rewards you receive!🚀

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