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How To Find Out The Number Of Coins In Staking?

October 7, 2021

One of the nicest features of Minto is its staking algorithm.

🚩No matter how many stakers and how many coins staked, we distribute an equal amount of rewards among the participants.

That means the fewer participants, the bigger the reward for every 100 BTCMT issued. That`s why it`s good to be among the first to participate.

💎The second point is that the average expected value of staked tokens, based on data from similar projects on other blockchains, never exceeds 25%, which increases the reward for every 1000 tokens by 4 times. The number of staked tokens at the stage of the project`s launch will be much less.

How to check the number of tokens staked currently?

🌍Connect your wallet to our website:

Click the “Stats” tab:

You will see the number of tokens staked and other indicators:

On the same page, you can calculate the rewards that would come from the number of BTCMT tokens using the blockchain values at the moment.

💰Staking BTCMT is an enjoyable way to receive rewards💰

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