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Gate vs Huobi Global — Which Is a Better Way to Buy HT?

October 1, 2021

🤝HT is our partner Huobi Global token. It is used to pay a Gas fee when buying BTCMT or staking on the Minto platform.🤝

HT is available on two platforms — Huobi Global and Gate.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of buying tokens on these platforms.

🔵Huobi Global

To buy tokens, you should register on the site. Registration does not take long.

🔷You can withdraw a minimal number of tokens to your wallet — 2.0088 HT — the minimal amount to purchase. This will be enough to complete a transaction on the Minto platform and even more than enough in the case of small transaction volumes.

Huobi Global is an official platform for HT tokens, so it provides a lower price for tokens.


You should register on the platform if you want to buy tokens. Registration does not take much time. There are territorial restrictions for working with this platform, so the service does not cover Washington (USA), New York (USA), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Crimea, Thailand, Venezuela.

🔶The minimal amount of HT to input — 0,45, which is enough for small transaction volumes.

The Huobi Token price is higher than on Huobi Global.

Choose the site to buy HT tokens depending on the volume of transactions on the Minto platform you will be conducting.

🚩Read a guide on how to buy HT on both platforms:

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