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July 30, 2021

🔷Minto vs cloud mining

Minto is the next generation of mining, which is more advanced and finer. Users buy not just a part of the mining power — they buy an asset BTCMT, which they may use to earn money in several ways:

  • Mining
  • Staking
  • Trading

BTCMT staking differs from staking ordinary tokens: the staking reward is calculated from the total computing power of the data center and is fully distributed among the stakers, regardless of the number of tokens in staking. Thus, in simple words, staking in the early stages of a project is really profitable💪🔥

🔷BTCMT token issuance and distribution

The mining power of our data center is 50,000 TH/s, 1 BTCMT token is equal to 0,01 TH/s, so the possible total emission is 5 000 000 BTCMT.

The tokens are distributed in the following way:

🏆Mining — 90%

🥉Launch Pad — 5%

🏅Team — 5%

The initial price for the BTCMT token was $1,72.

Sign up for a presale whitelist if you want to receive BTCMT!

🔷Karelian data center

Our data center is located in the Republic of Karelia in the north of the Russian Federation.

Facts about our data center:

  • the area of 86,000 sq. meters
  • highly productive and powerful mining equipment
  • local hydroelectric power station
  • compliance with local and international laws
  • a team of 150 highly professional engineers
  • Internet access of 1 Gbit
  • working 24/7.

🔷Risk management

What we do to reduce and manage risks:

  • We build data centers following the international ISO standard
  • We place mining equipment in different data centers
  • We diversify mining equipment models
  • We hire specialists for full due diligence of the project
  • We recruit at least two companies to analyze and audit dApp and smart contracts

These actions help us be prepared for risky situations and get out of them with minimal casualties🤝

🔷A guide on how to connect a wallet

We have composed a guide on how to connect a wallet to Minto. Check out the full guide on the link:

🔷Token audit

The company Hacken has audited our smart contracts. The auditor acknowledged our smart contracts are well protected. No critical and high-risk errors were found during the audit.

It means that the assets of Minto users are protected, and there is no risk of losing them.

Read the complete report on the audit on the link:

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