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Are You Ready For Presale?

August 11, 2021

Dear community! We are about to launch the BTCMT presale! So stay tuned and wait for our announcement about the start of the presale, links, and important information on the topic🚀

Meanwhile, to build up the suspense, we remind you of the absolutely mind-blowing conditions of participation in the presale!

💸Each participant can choose a lock period and receive a bonus for it! The longer the lock period, the more BTCMT tokens you receive. Locked BTCMT tokens would be released weekly in equal portions during the whole lock period.

💰Amazing: during the whole lock period, you can stake all your purchased BTCMT tokens and receive a mining reward!💰

To participate in the presale, you need to have available HECO USDT and HT to pay gas on your MetaMask HECO address.

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