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Are There Any Extra Fees When Staking, Buying, or Selling Tokens?

October 4, 2021

You should pay a fee to make a transaction, this is the so-called Gas commission we mentioned before.

🟡On the Minto platform, gas is paid with HT tokens. Read more about how and where to buy them on the link:

🟢Statistics on the HT token:

So, to carry out a transaction on the Minto platform, you should have HT tokens in your wallet to pay for Gas and USDT (HECO) tokens to pay for BTCMT tokens.

💰Users pay a fee for buying tokens and staking.💰

HT tokens are available on Huobi Global, where the minimum amount for token withdrawal is 2.0088 HT, which is enough to pay for Gas and the transaction. Minimal transaction fees are one of the HECO blockchain advantages compared with Ethereum, where commissions reach enormous amounts. We care about our users!

Once listed, BTCMT tokens will be available on exchanges. Each exchange charges different fees for transactions to buy or sell tokens, so we cannot affect the commission size there.

🔥We will publish the information about the listing, so stay tuned.🔥

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