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3-Month Report From Minto CEO

March 24, 2023

Hi everyone!

I would like to share with you the Minto report for the previous three months.

As you probably remember, December 2022 turned out to be quite gloomy for the crypto industry - Bitcoin dropped to 15.5k, and many miners turned off their equipment so as not to work in the red.

However, Minto retained profitability with an impressive margin and earned about 3.9 BTC or almost 15k net. It's all about our mining infrastructure: we use inexpensive renewable energy, as well as a smart algorithm for 65% equipment uptime.

In January, Bitcoin looked pretty good and grew to 24k. Minto mined 4.9 BTC and paid out 26k.

In February, Bitcoin rose above 25k. Minto mined 4 BTC and paid out more than 30k.

In total, Minto has paid out over 70k in mining rewards over the past three months, so I’d like to note once again that we are going strong, and, most importantly, we like what we do!

On the one hand, as December showed, we have a significant margin of safety, on the other - a huge potential, because when the market really starts to grow, the Jan and Feb figures will seem like an easy warm-up!

Dear friends, the Minto project is developing.

Since December we have added 15 PH/s hashrate, bringing the total up to 70 PH/s, and recently launched a referral program.

In addition, a major overhaul of our website is coming soon!

Meanwhile, the calm is ending, banks are going bankrupt, the Federal Reserve is starting up its printing press, the spring crypto wind is already starting to blow into our sails…

So, get everyone on board - we will dash through the waves together when the wind really rises!

Nick, Minto CEO

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