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Why Is BTC Mining By Minto Staking Profitable?

May 19, 2022
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As you know, Bitcoins appear thanks to Bitcoin mining. Ten years ago, any college student could take up mining and earn enough to buy an apartment. Now the process difficulty is so high that you can hardly  make even a small profit alone. Unless you have a whole ASICs hangar and your own power plant as well.

Nevertheless, these difficulties can be overcome with the help of the Minto project, which provides the opportunity to earn Bitcoins to everyone who did not have time before, but wants to start mining right now.

In Minto DApp, anyone can buy a piece of a mining farm in the form of its mining power (hashrate) and not worry about hardware hosting or maintenance.

How is it possible?  Well, we have a cutting-edge data center in the North with a mining capacity of 50,000  55,000 TH/s (On April 19, 2022, we added another 10% and will keep adding more). 100 BTCMT tokens is 1 TH/s of Minto hashrate. So, there is 5.5M in circulation.

Buying and staking BTCMT tokens is the same as buying a miner of a similar capacity, which means that in just a day you will start receiving mining rewards in Bitcoins.

Is that really possible?

The Minto project was initially launched and operates on the Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) network, offering users the lowest transaction fees. This means that you will also receive the earned Bitcoins on the HECO network. They are designated HBTC and exchanged for regular Bitcoin and Bitcoins issued in other blockchains in a 1:1 ratio. Later on, BTCMT were issued on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC), where rewards are paid in BTCB (Binance Bitcoin). Simply put, it doesn't matter what network Bitcoin was issued in, its value is the same everywhere.

BTCMT tokens can be purchased on the project's website, or on the decentralized MDEX or PancakeSwap exchanges. To that end, you should download a cryptocurrency wallet (we especially recommend BitKeep) and configure it to work on the BSC or HECO network. Then you need to transfer the BNB or HT (Huobi token) to the wallet to pay fees and USDT tokens for purchase. You can do this from the Binance or Huobi Global exchanges.

As of April 20, 2022, by staking 1000 BTCMT, you would have earned about $100. The point is that Minto pays rewards from the ENTIRE project hashrate, regardless of the purchased or staked token amount. Since about 2.2M tokens have been staked, and there are a total of 5.5M tokens, your income today is 2.5 times higher! The Bitcoins you receive can be withdrawn to the Binance or Huobi Global exchange (or on the BSC or HECO network or converted to USDT or any other tokens on the PancakeSwap or MDEX exchange right inside the BitKeep wallet.

Profitability. Scalability. Reality!

The Minto project offers not only high profitability, but also a convenient risk management tool in a falling market. BTCMT tokens are backed by real equipment, which means they are most protected from strong market fluctuations, while guaranteeing daily income.

Scalability is a trendy word these days. It stands for business expansion opportunities that arise as the project develops. Minto has significant scaling potential both in terms of connecting additional data center capacities and its DApp improvement. All you need to do is stay with us and follow the news. And of course, don’t forget to stake BTCMT tokens to receive the maximum mining rewards!

You will quickly see that BTCMT staking is really profitable. And we are working to make it even more profitable! Have you tried staking yet? If not, what's stopping you?

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