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Minto Is Web3 Digital Energy In Your Crypto Wallets

December 27, 2021
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We use electricity because we have an AC outlet. We use social networks because the Internet is there. We are integrated into the world through a huge number of intricate connections, and information about us is scattered across a variety of resources, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, in most cases, the distance between the producer and the consumer is still too great.

We use electricity because we have an AC outlet

Before the advent of the Internet and digital data transmission, we lived in a strictly physical world with letters in envelopes, paper money and telephone communication. In the 90s, the first  Web1 digital revolution happened, giving the world web pages, e-mail, and ICQ, which provided initial opportunities to share information and make a reputation. In the 2000s, the Web2 digital space won much more attention for itself, immersing us in social networks, YouTube, modern messengers and cloud services.

In about 2015, Web3 entered our lives, leading to the emergence of platforms for creating and managing digital assets thanks to blockchain and decentralization. These new tools offer the shortest ways to transfer value between stakeholders without intermediaries. That’s when a gradual change in the paradigm of the modern world begins, where, on the one hand, a critical mass of users of decentralized services is accumulating, and on the other hand, traditional institutions are trying to hold their positions based on human inertia and administrative resources.

WEB3 offers shortcuts to transfer value

Web3 has brought unprecedented ease to global collaboration, essentially becoming a revolution in coordination, ownership, and value transfer. The emergence of smart contracts marked the beginning of a new era of relationships between people, when everyone is in direct contact, and any value is transmitted directly. In Web3, code enforces the agreements, and the blockchain infrastructure protects against manipulation of this code.

For the first time, a person is on the verge of obtaining full autonomy and independence in the sense that the manufactured product goes directly to the consumer and is paid for, bypassing intermediaries. At the same time, both parties may not disclose their physical nature at all, but only operate with their wallets. Transaction execution is guaranteed by a smart contract that can allow for agreements between two untrusted individuals without burdening the legal system. It creates a major shift in human ability to coordinate behavior and form agreements between groups.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are the fuel for this cooperation. Digital assets are the Web3 business card. Up until now we have integrated into the world and drew from it exclusively using fiat funds, now digital tools are formalizing the relationship between people and groups, reducing them to the cooperation of wallets. The main question is what the wallet-avatar should be filled with in order to financially support the proclaimed freedom.

Digital assets are the fuel for integration and cooperation

Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency today, maintaining its obvious primacy in terms of market cap,  operation autonomy and non-compromise. Bitcoin is a product of Bitcoin mining, which moves further away from the common man as it evolves. So, while initially Bitcoin was mined on personal computers of advanced enthusiasts, today traditional mining is in the hands of major mining pools. Cloud mining, which was a brief salvation for single players, quickly devalued itself with an abundance of scams and ceased to be perceived as serious. Today, the third phase of the mining popularization is beginning with Web3. It is hashrate tokenization, and its sustainable development will finally allow everyone to get what most didn’t have time five to ten years ago.

Hashrate is the computing power of Bitcoin mining equipment. Tokenized hashrate is a digital asset backed by real computing power that allows its owners to get Bitcoins as a mining reward. Owning tokenized hashrate is equivalent to owning a mining farm with the appropriate hashpower that guarantees a steady income in Bitcoins even in a falling market. In fact, today it is the only available way to mine Bitcoin for an ordinary person who is convinced that traditional mining and exchange trading carry risks that are incompatible with obtaining regular predictable income.

In the case of traditional mining, the main risk is in the partial or complete loss of physical equipment, loss of profitability due to the inability to properly maintain the farm, in regulatory initiatives that can negate the entire investment effectiveness. Judging by the consequences of China’s crackdown on mining  even large players need up to six months to fully restore their operations after the onset of regulatory force majeure. In stock trading, everything is even more risky: there are no guarantees of value multiplication, and one bad deal or a strong market movement can cancel out the results of several years of hard work.

The purchase of tokenized hashrate not only eliminates the above-mentioned risks, but also significantly expands the management capabilities, since the liquidity of a digital asset is significantly higher than that of a physical one. Hashrate tokens have their own value, comprising the cost of a terahash, the premium for high mining profitability and the exchange margin due to the limited issue. In addition to the fact that hashrate tokens bring daily income in Bitcoins, they can be also sold (or bought back) on the exchange at any time.

Tokenized hashrate is a highly profitable liquid asset

It is impossible to sell a mining farm in a matter of seconds if there is an urgent need. The purchase of tokenized hashrate saves the owner from the trouble of maintenance, depreciation and the search for a buyer of physical equipment, and in addition, allows you to successfully wait out the "bad times", because regardless of the market situation, the asset adds Bitcoins to your deposit daily. Thus, tokenized hashrate combines qualities that were impossible to combine in one asset before the Web3 revolution: they include static and dynamic values, high liquidity and low ownership risks.

Technically, in order to start earning mining income by owning hashrate tokens, they need to be added to the liquidity pool, that is, to be staked. After that, the token owner begins to earn Bitcoins in proportion to the share of the deposited funds. However, in such projects, the amount of mining power that the rewards are paid out on is very important. These nuances are described in the project’s WhitePaper. Most often, the total number of staked tokens is used as the base.

In this sense, the Minto project offers the most advanced and appropriate conditions for the Web3 paradigm, since the Minto smart contract pays out rewards from the hashrate of all declared mining power. This allows token holders to get several times more profits, because the total hashrate of the project always exceeds the hashrate of staked tokens.

$BTCMT project tokens are backed by the data centers hashrate in a ratio of 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s. Rewards are distributed by the corresponding smart contract, which fully allocates all Bitcoins mined daily by data centers between the owners. Thus, Minto offers the least risky and most profitable way to get Bitcoins, which appear  in the wallets daily and can fuel the integration and cooperation of their owners in the Web3 world.

Minto is Web3 digital energy in your wallets!

Industrialization brought heat and electricity to our houses, and now instead of firewood, which had to be procured, we just use the AC outlet. The Web3 revolution has brought blockchain, digital assets, and highly liquid digital Bitcoin mining tools like Minto to our homes. Daily Bitcoin rewards open up full access to the world of Web3 to work in decentralized applications, which are the most effective tools for integration, cooperation and transfer of value between a wide variety of user groups.

Minto is Web3 digital energy in your wallets! Use it for cooperation and value transfer to grow together with the entire crypto industry.

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