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This Spring Is a Great Time to Start BTC Mining

April 20, 2023
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Market disposition

Since early 2023, Bitcoin has been growing again, and in some way repeating the pattern of 4 years ago, but the increasing difficulty of the Bitcoin network has not yet brought high-quality net profit growth to miners. This is because large mining companies continue to increase the hashrate by all available means, since their primary task is to maximize gross revenue.

The difficulty follows the hashrate, compensating for the increased computational capabilities.

This process will result in a reduction of the time to the nearest halving, since with the hashrate growth, it takes a little less than 10 minutes to mine each block. And while today the predicted halving date is April 16, 2024, if the situation continues to develop this way, we’ll have to face halving earlier. However, enough negativity can happen in a year to slow down this process and balance out the hashrate increase.

Many market players are reasonably concerned about the approaching halving  and the potential loss of mining profitability. However, previous halvings have shown that nothing out of the ordinary follows them, and the market reacts very positively. Therefore, don’t think that halving will be followed by a mass extinction of miners. Most likely, shortly after halving the market will return to its previous balance point as a result of a change in the ratio of the Bitcoin rate and its network difficulty.

Mining at Minto

Minto has already tokenized 70 PH/s (56 W/TH) hashrate of its mining farm, releasing 7,000,000 BTCMT hashrate tokens into circulation.

Unlike large mining companies, Minto's primary task is not to maximize gross revenue, but to maximize the profits of its customers, therefore, despite the Bitcoin exchange rate growth, Minto continues to mine Bitcoins using the 65% mining hardware uptime algorithm. Turning on mining at full capacity, for example, in March and April would have still led to negative financial results:



A smart mining algorithm allows Minto to earn more money, because the electricity cost for Minto is unstable and depends on the load on the electrical networks. As a result, on weekends and holidays, as well as during non-working hours, Minto gets electricity at an average price of about $0.0342/kW, while the rest of the time it’s priced at $0.055/kW. As soon as the ratio of the Bitcoin exchange rate, its network difficulty, and the electricity cost come into the necessary balance, Minto will put the issue of switching to 100% uptime to the community vote.

Minto and BTCMT tokens

Many projects abuse the popular term “roadmap” in order to promise as much as possible all at once and seem to work towards achieving the promised goals. Reality always shows and proves that to promise a lot at once is at least irresponsible.

Minto is constantly looking for new partnership opportunities around the world, however, our quality criteria are high, so, upon in-depth consideration some partnerships turn out to be impossible to realize. Nevertheless, it is worth noting Minto’s interest in a new facility in Paraguay, where a very attractive state policy regarding cryptocurrencies is taking shape.

Minto is very optimistic about the future, in which Bitcoin will  regain its lost positions in terms of both value and global adoption. The BTCMT token demonstrates stability and looks extremely attractive for hashrate investments.

By buying BTCMT tokens, the user does not incur the costs of their maintenance and has significantly lower risks compared to owning physical mining hardware. In fact, hashrate tokens do not require any attention at all, because while staked, they automatically bring daily income in Bitcoins (APR), and when you use the Autofarming option, they bring income with a compound interest (APY).

In addition, BTCMT tokens have high liquidity, which makes their management simple and reliable. Selling your mining hardware requires a lot of effort, whereas to sell tokens all you need to do is connect your wallet to the PancakeSwap exchange. You can buy BTCMT tokens to increase the hashrate of your mining farm in exactly the same way!

Minto, BTC mining and the market

Thus, whatever happens in the market, Minto is looking into the future with confidence and continues its work. In bad times, we need to accumulate potential, so that in good times it can manifest itself and flourish. It is this approach that allows Minto to generate new ideas and profits.

For those who are still wondering whether mining Bitcoin is worth it, Minto emphasizes that now is a great time to do it and get your first mining income directly into your wallet on the very next day. BTCMT tokens are a great tool that allows you to own hashrate without having to buy physical mining hardware and to receive daily income in Bitcoins, as if you owned a real mining farm.

Join Minto and earn on Bitcoin mining with us!

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