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The Minto Whitepaper Summary

August 12, 2022
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Here is summary of the Minto WhitePaper to get an overall picture of Minto at a glance.

1. Minto is the world’s first decentralized mining DeFi platform, which combines the advantages of DeFi and cloud mining. By enabling trust, we lead the crypto mining industry on a new level.

The advantages of Minto’s Decentralized Mining Platform are:

  • Low entry threshold
  • No expensive equipment or maintenance required
  • No additional costs for electricity
  • High crypto mining efficiency
  • Transparency

2. Minto created a token secured by actively operating Bitcoin mining hardware. This equipment is tokenized by the BTCMT token, each of which equals a unit of actively operating Bitcoin mining power. Holding the token is effectively equivalent to owning Bitcoin mining power.

3. Staking the token in a dApp entitles the owner to receive rewards for mining Bitcoin. Listing on exchanges provides substantial liquidity for the tokenized mining power.

Name: BTCMT or Minto

Platform: Binance Chain

Initial number of tokens: 5,500,000.00

Hash Rate Conversion: 1 BTCMT = 0.01 TH/s

Annual losses: 8% (expected downtime of miners per year)

By trading BTCMT, market participants will be free to buy and sell mining capacity of any size, at any time, at low cost.

4. The total number of tokens in circulation must generate at least that amount of mining power, the equivalent of which all tokens in circulation represent. Minto's partner mining pool acts as an independent auditor and periodically publishes reports confirming that BTCMT is fully supplied with mining capacity. For example, if the blockchain shows that there are 5,500,000.00 tokens in circulation, then the project must have a Bitcoin mining capacity of at least 55,000.00 TH.

5. BTCMT receives rewards from Bitcoin mining centrally and distributes rewards to holders in a decentralized manner.

Daily costs = HR e. efficiency x Electricity price x Hash rate x 24 x 1.03

For example, if the owner stakes 1,000 BTCMT in the dApp for a full day, then on the second day the owner will receive distributed mined Bitcoin according to the amount of mining power equivalent to the number of tokens mined (10 TH).

6. The Minto company owns a large mining data center, whose creation is the result of extensive work. The company is a national leader in mining and hosting and owns the largest cluster of data centers in the country, in terms of square footage and total hash rate. All real estate, land, and equipment is fully owned by the Project. The team has established themselves as high-level professionals in front of F2Pool, Canaan and Slush Pool.

7. The BTCMT token combines the best advantages of cloud mining and DeFi. Our economic activity is backed by the first and most liquid cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but also by the equipment used for mining. The BTCMT team has united these two strong supports and connected them to our token by using smart contracts.

We’re pioneers and have no competitors for our solution. Our project represents mining solutions taken to a new level for the whole blockchain industry. BTCMT is a community project - join us and grab your slice of a pie that was, until now, out of your reach.

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