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Minto Rewind 2021: Through The Roof

December 30, 2021
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Annual report by the Minto team.

Minto is pleased to present the annual report of an incredible 2021, as a result of which the project has achieved all its goals, creating a solid foundation for further hashrate growth and a corresponding increase in rewards for its clients. The mintonomics built by the project team has rightly demonstrated extreme attractiveness, because daily payments in bitcoins from the entire hashrate is a unique offer for the crypto industry and the DeFi segment in particular.

It would seem that only recently, on Aug. 1, 2021, Minto announced a presale. It was planned to distribute 1 million BTCMT tokens at a special price of $ 1.5. By this time, the platform for the purchase and staking of the BTCMT tokens (Bitcoin Mining Token), the withdrawal of mining rewards in HBTC tokens (Huobi BTC) to client wallets in the HECO network (Huobi Eco Chain) was already fully prepared.

On Aug. 19, the presale started, and a week later Minto already won the HECO Global Hackathon which encourages and supports developers’ projects at the early stages of creating next-generation decentralized protocols and applications on HECO. It is worth noting that as soon as the Minto team submitted its entry in the Hackathon, it was almost immediately approved by the Huobi Eco Chain team as the most promising project!

The presale was completed on Nov. 1, but before that the most anticipated event took place. On Oct. 21, BTCMT staking was launched, showing a stunning result. According to the stats of the first day, the profitability of the project was 1783.77%, taking into account 4.4% of staked tokens. By the day of the presale completion 15.68% of tokens had been staked, which had provided a 474.45% of the annual profit!

News of Minto’s success spread rapidly within the industry. Information about the new project is published by such media as Coinspeaker, Yahoo Finance, NEWSBTC, BITCOINIST, CryptoNewsZ, Crypto Daily, Crypto News, Crypto Wisser, MarketWatch, AP News, Bitcoin Insider, CoinPedia and many others. Being on a roll, on Nov. 8, Minto hosted the Mining High Party in At.mosphere restaurant on the 122 floor of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, where leading industry players met on the eve of the global WDMS exhibition sponsored by Bitmain, one of the largest manufacturers of mining hardware in the world. Then, in hot pursuit the Minto team officially presented their project to the general public on the second day of the WDMS, speaking at the conference with a breathtaking report “Bitcoin Mining is Dead”.

The Minto booth aroused such keen interest among attendees that the team did not always have time to explain all the technical details elaborately. After the end of WDMS, Minto continued to communicate with new friends and clients on social networks and to this day does not cease to rejoice at such a large number of enthusiastic people from different parts of the world!

In December, Minto appeared in such popular services as DappRadar, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and also became a partner of such well-known wallets as BitKeep, TokenPocket, and Huobi Wallet. Partnering with the leading cryptocurrency wallets opened up new horizons and asset management opportunities for BTCMT holders. For example, BitKeep supports almost all actively used blockchains and more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens, and also offers a unique BKSwap service that allows cross-chain conversion of assets directly in the wallet!

Without slowing down the pace Minto also held a successful IDO on the Market Making Pro and WeStarter platforms in preparation for its first listing gaining several hundred new users. As part of IDO on the Market Making Pro launchpad, more than 150,000 tokens worth about $255,000 were sold and a similar impressive result was shown by IDO on WeStarter, where the public pool was closed in just 10 minutes out of the 2 allotted hours, and the bid volume achieved almost 280% of the entire pool!

On Dec. 20, the day when bitcoin reached its unforgettable first maximum 4 years ago, the Minto project was listed on the MDEX exchange, which supports the decentralized BSC, HECO, and ETH cross-chain transaction protocols and ranks first in the DEX rankings by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This day can be considered a turning point in the history of Minto, as BTCMT tokens have finally moved into free-floating and are now available to everyone at the market price.

According to the results of this inspiring, but ending year, the issue of BTCMT has already exceeded 1,800,000 tokens. 1,500,000 tokens have been sent to staking. Thus, the Minto market cap reached $ 4.25 million. The total amount of bitcoins mined, fully paid as rewards to BTCMT token holders since the staking launch (in about 2 months) exceeded 13 BTC. This is about 3 times more than the owners of a mining farm with the same hashrate as Minto (50 PH/s) would have received over the same period, and without any time and effort spent on maintenance! Minto consistently demonstrates the highest profitability and total superiority over traditional mining, which has not been available to the common man for a long time.

The Minto team is proud of such a spectacular end of the year when the brainchild of the project came of age. The BTCMT token is the quintessence of digital technologies, the perfection of bitcoin and a powerful crypto mining infrastructure using renewable electricity sources. The Minto team cordially congratulates all crypto enthusiasts on the upcoming New Year and Christmas, and also prepares the most expensive gift for all its customers. At the beginning of next year, Minto intends to connect an additional hashrate to the project, which will increase the rewards of BTCMT token holders accordingly!

Join Minto and grow in 2022 as fast!

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