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Minto Plans For Early 2023

January 11, 2023
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Welcome to the new year 2023! Most recently, we reported on the past 2022, and now it's time to introduce you to Minto’s current plans.

Well.. the year began with some Bitcoin growth, which is a reason for many to be in a good mood, but Minto aims to work successfully regardless of the market situation, improve the Bitcoin mining infrastructure and its energy efficiency, increase the project hashrate and bring profits to its users. Remember that Minto is an “evergreen candle” in your portfolio!

So, where do we start? As our project progressed, many noticed that we lacked a referral program. And it really was a fact. How to introduce your friends and colleagues to the project aside from stories told at a cafe or in a chat? The referral program is a convenient and effective tool for introducing new users to the project using a referral link. This link will allow you to earn from each purchase made by your referral. And if there are several of them? The user-friendly interface on our site will give you a complete picture of how many links you have and how much you are earning with their help. This tool will be available to you soon, so in the meantime, think about who you’d like to share your knowledge of the Minto project with.

We are also preparing a major update of the project's website, which makes it more functional, visual and inviting. We love it when everything not only works like a charm, but looks crisp as well. So, do not be surprised when one day, you open the Minto website and see that a lot has changed. Changes are often frightening, but in our case, there’s no reason to be afraid - all your savings and rewards have always been, are and will be in perfect order! Minto runs like clockwork, it's just that time sometimes speeds up and sometimes slows down, because everything in our world is relative..

In addition, Minto would like to announce certain developments in Autofarming, which allow you to earn a compound percentage of BTCMT token staking. They include an expansion of functionality, which will be great both for those who already use Autofarming, and those who are still disposing of mining rewards on their own. Don’t forget that Autofarming is an extremely convenient tool if you want to earn the maximum possible rewards but  don’t want to spend a second of your time on it. Join us!

Do you know what the Ambassador system for users is? Minto is preparing an update to make your partnership with us even more rewarding. As always, it’s too early to disclose any details, but you can be sure that you will like it as much as Autofarming or our Referral program!

Also, Minto is working on a new smart contract, which will become available pretty soon. What is a smart contract and when will that happen? - you ask - and we’ll let you know a little later. A smart contract is a kind of automatically executed function with cryptocoins. The key feature of any smart contract is its reliability. You've probably heard many times about how “thanks to a smart contract vulnerability, fraudsters withdrew XXX million dollars from the project..” That is why Minto pays great attention to security, entrusting its smart contract audit only to the most respected and trusted companies. You can download auditors' reports on our smart contracts on the main page of the Minto website, and make sure they are completely secure. We treasure our reputation and your assets.

As you have noticed, last year the Minto project increased its hashrate three times, starting the year with 50P and ending with 65P. However, in the process of increasing its mining power, the Minto team decided that this was not enough, and that mining rewards can be increased not only by increasing the hashrate, but also by improving the energy efficiency of mining hardware! In order to bring this idea to life, Minto consulted with you and held a vote, as a result of which our community approved the changes to the Whitepaper. From this moment on, all newly acquired mining hardware allows the project to gradually reduce unit costs due to the improvement in its energy efficiency.

So, at the beginning of 2022 the project’s total energy efficiency was 60W/T, and by the year-end it was already 57.2W/T. And since mining rewards are proportional to hashrate and inversely proportional to energy efficiency, then just on paper we get an increase of 65/50 = 1.3-fold thanks to greater hashrate and 60/57.2 = 1.05-fold thanks to energy efficiency. This adds up to a total of 1.36-fold, or more than a third!

Next week we will publish a detailed analysis of the tokenizations that were conducted. It will help you better understand how each new tokenization (that is, adding new hashrate) affects your income. Don't miss it!

Of course, Minto is not going to stop there and will continue to increase the hashrate and improve energy efficiency by finding suitable modern miner models at attractive prices on the market.

Perhaps it is enough for the near future, but, of course, that’s not all that we are going to do in 2023. As we work and reach new heights, we’ll be sharing our new ideas and intentions with you..

To create the right mood, let’s say a few more words about the things that are entirely out of our control. Of course, you know that Minto never makes forecasts, but at the beginning of the year we really want to tune into the right vibe! Let's forget forecasts and make a wish. Let's say, wouldn’t it be nice to get to 22k first, and then all the way to 50k? And then we could just rest and see what happens next.

What do you think?

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