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Minto Launched The HECO-BSC Bridge For BTCMT Tokens

October 7, 2022
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DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 7, 2022. Minto launched the HECO-BSC bridge for BTCMT tokens. With the bridge, BTCMT holders can easily move their tokens from the Huobi Eco Chain to the Binance Smart Chain and manage them with the same efficiency as before. Since the HECO network is losing its market share, as a result of the vote, the Minto community decided to accelerate the project's transfer to the BSC network and create all conditions  to make the transition seamless and absolutely safe for BTCMT token holders.

After most BTCMT tokens on the HECO network are transferred to the BSC network, Minto will retain support for HECO, but will focus all efforts on developing the project on the Binance Smart Chain. Minto will continue to move forward in accordance with the roadmap, putting to the vote of the community those issues that require a collective decision.

The complete transition of Minto to the Binance Smart Chain is due to a drop in the activity of the HECO team and its apparently decreased interest in network development, which we elaborately analyzed in an analytical article that compared the HECO and BSC networks.

The removal of HECO network from a variety of decentralized services, such as O3 Swap and others, significantly limits the ability of BTCMT token holders to manage their assets, and also indicates possible further restrictions, which are difficult to predict at this stage, but it is advisable to keep them in mind. Under the circumstances, the Minto team has done everything possible to protect its customers from the risks and consequences of working in the HECO network.

The Minto project is successfully developing and is aimed at the future, where the possession of Bitcoin mining power (hashrate) can become one of the main ways to preserve and multiply value in the conditions of global inflation and instability in financial markets.

Join Minto and look to the future confidently with us!

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