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Minto. January ’23 vs December ’22

February 3, 2023
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The year 2022 was not the most successful for the cryptocurrency industry: many projects ingloriously ended their existence, miner prices decreased 10-fold, mining companies' shares slumped 20-fold, the mining token segment extinction was fast and furious. Today, however, those who were better prepared for bad times, can reasonably assess the market situation in general and their own work in particular like no one else can.

Minto has always paid great attention to mining infrastructure and mining profitability, proceeded from the long-term industry development prospects, introduced innovative solutions and consistently moved forward with measured steps. The smart algorithm of 65% mining hardware uptime proposed by Minto and supported by the community made it possible to maintain mining profitability even after the FTX collapse, when Bitcoin rates dropped to critical levels.

While the market was in a decline, Minto bought new miners, increased the project hashrate and improved energy efficiency. In December, this was done twice - on the 13th and 31st, in fact, just before the January market upturn. Minto entered 2023 with a hashrate of 65 PH/s and an energy efficiency of 57.2 W/TH.

December 2022 was a month of general despondency and stagnation, and this January is a month of thaw. It should be very useful to compare the two months' results and get a visual idea of how even small positive shifts in the market fundamentally change the profitability.

During a market upturn, it becomes especially clear that all the work that preceded it was not done in vain. The project skillfully used the market lull to accumulate resources, moved in the right direction and brought in a good profit at the first market revival.

So, let's compare December and January in numbers:

Thus, while in December the hashrate of 100 TH/s, expressed in BTCMT tokens, brought holders a little less than $60, in January this number rose to $220 (at the BTC exchange rate on January 01 and February 01, respectively). In other words, the income from each staked BTCMT token increased 3.8-fold in January, or by almost 300%, despite the fact that the market itself grew by only 30%.

In January, with the 30% overall market growth, the income from each staked BTCMT increased by 300%

When increasing the BTCMT position during the December-January market pessimism period, the most visionary users received an average 1.5-fold increase in the value of the token itself, as well as only in January - about 5% in the form of mining rewards. At the same time, it should be clear that the market simply sighed and it was merely a correction rather than the beginning of active growth.

This suggests that the ship hasn’t yet sailed, and there is still enough time to join Minto and consistently achieve all the peaks of success inherent in the market together.

Working with Minto places you at the forefront of Bitcoin mining, where only large mining corporations are currently working with various degrees of success. However, you can remain yourself with Minto and participate in mining using much more liquid resources than actual mining hardware, time and effort put into its maintenance.

BTCMT tokens are actually the atoms that make up your own mining farm. You can manage them with no restrictions, add or decrease the hashrate at any time. For an ordinary user who's not ready to invest hundreds of thousands dollars in equipment, mining with BTCMT is perhaps the most affordable and liquid type of mining today.

Minto continues to work according to the Roadmap for early 2023, and you continue to receive daily mining rewards in Bitcoins in accordance with your share of staked BTCMT tokens. We are incorporating a long-term perspective into our project and we proceed above all from the reliability and efficiency of the mining infrastructure. This allows us to successfully overcome even the most difficult months, so be assured that joining Minto will allow you to fully share our success and our ability to endure market risks.

Long-term success is never the result of a single event. Sooner or later there comes a time when all the factors come together and produce the necessary synergy - then the project gets a new breath and moves on to the next intended goal. January was a very significant month in terms of several factors working simultaneously and greatly increasing project profitability.

This success is based on our concentration and painstaking work on project development during the market lull, with  the market revival serving as “rocket fuel”, despite the fact that it was only a small market fluctuation. Using the December-January example, you can clearly see how quality turns into quantity, and estimate the results that the Minto project can generate in the event of a real surge of market optimism and the beginning of a full-fledged cryptocurrency spring.

So, adding 10 PH/s hashrate, improving energy efficiency from 60 to 57.2 W/TH and 30% market growth eventually produced a 300% growth in mining rewards. There is no doubt that the market will add to the synergy more than once, meanwhile, the Minto project is doing its job and moving on.

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