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Minto in Japan, Korea and Vietnam!

August 26, 2022
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Minto is announcing the project's website and DApp release in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. Up until now, the project was only available in English and Chinese. Its localization for an audience from countries with a total population of about 280 million people will enable the project to attract a significant number of users from the Asia-Pacific region, which is one of the most important for Minto.

Following the successful development of the English and Chinese versions of the Minto project , further localization became a logical step towards audience expansion and increasing user loyalty. Minto is moving forward step by step in accordance with the roadmap and does not intend to stop there: releases in other languages are still to come.

In addition, Minto continues to work on improving site functionality, and will soon present important updates to maximize profits from the digital assets. The project team is very happy that starting now the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese audience will be much closer and will be able to work with DApp in their native language, organically using the opportunities we provide to earn bitcoins in the DeFi segment.

Yield bitcoin farming in the global Minto project is available all over the planet, but exchanging information in one’s native language is crucial for a partnership in any sphere, especially in the digital technology segment. Minto is a customer-oriented service that constantly works to increase user trust and systematically removes all possible barriers, including the language barrier - one of the most difficult to overcome. We are determined and capable of meeting our customers’ needs by providing them with the most accessible information.

Join us and earn money with Minto!

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