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MINTO. From Gold Rush To Digital Hush

December 21, 2022
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They had been studying about life from the books while he had been busy living life...

                                                                                                                    Jack London, Martin Eden

From Gold Rush To Digital Hush

Why did we create Minto? What is the concept behind it and how does the project earn? Why are we so  calm in times of market turbulence and why are we confident in the future? Together we will try to figure out how Minto works, what underlies it, and why the crypto winter, no matter how prolonged, cannot freeze Bitcoin hashrate, that works for us 24/7.

Imagine a diggers crew mining gold manually. The mores of the times of the gold rush were very cruel, but the romance of that time is still alive partly thanks to Jack London, partly to the dream of many, if not everyone, to have their own gold mine and extract gold every day, without consulting anyone, without depending on anyone, to the best of their strength and inspiration. As if Martin Eden himself described this perfect world and went down in history not as a tragic figure who gained recognition too late, but on the contrary, as a happy progenitor of an ideal world order, where the opportunity to earn money that actually does grow on trees makes the issue of social recognition by others entirely irrelevant.

So, close your eyes, imagine your own gold mine, and we'll try to figure out what's behind it and what the prospects are.

The gold-bearing river on which your site is located is a wonderful place. Working knee-deep in water every day, washing your callused hands, sooner or later you conclude that it makes sense to hire some workers. As you build your business with your new employees, you note that there is more gold, but it is becoming more difficult to manage your crew - the human factor is there, as always. Then you hire a manager. However, it soon turns out that your costs are so high that the game is no longer worth the candle.

You don’t want to return to the river yourself, so you look for other ways to develop. Very soon it turns out that you can reduce costs by teaming up with your neighbors, since economy of scale also works in your industry: at least you will be able to receive wholesale discounts on  production means and less expensive loans, as well as manage personnel more efficiently and respond faster to the river's whims, already having access to the entire riverbed. You inevitably become one of a large enterprise owners, join the board of directors and manage the business not so much operatively (i.e., the sieve has broken), but in terms of the long-term perspective (so, what will happen in 15-18 years?).

What will happen in 2040? (highlighted in bright color). It's hard to imagine, but, you must agree, sooner or later this time will come, just the year 2000 and all the others, including 2020, did. What will the Bitcoin exchange rate be? The halving of 2024, 28, 32, 36 ... we are a little ahead of ourselves here.

So, what is the foundation of your enterprise? The answer is obvious - a gold-bearing river. By the will of circumstances, you have a huge advantage over those whose rivers don’t bring as much gold as yours, and maybe not even a grain. It just happened. Luck is an integral part of business, and without it  you won’t even be able to pop a bottle of champagne open to toast your success without spilling it all over the place. But luck requires development. That’s when digital technologies come into the picture…

You decide to tokenize the river in order to monetize its obvious value. What does that mean? Each gallon carried away by the swift current beyond the river bend carries gold-bearing particles, which means it has an estimated value. You divide the entire riverbed into gallons, equate each to one token, and your “river tokens” sell like hot cakes in the presale, since you intend to pay daily rewards with gold mined in the river. Then the river tokens become exchange-traded assets, and their price is now regulated by the market. It becomes dependent on gold prices, on politics, the general state of the industry, and even the weather, because in a drought the riverbed shallows, and working in the rainy season is more difficult. By buying and selling tokens, their owners can adjust their income in gold at will depending on the life situation. You get free cash flow, thanks to which you develop your business, improving mining technologies, updating equipment, attracting more qualified personnel, etc.

As the company works, the difficulty of gold mining increases, since your river's resources are not unlimited, but you have already taken note of a new river behind a pine-covered mountain range, where, according to some estimates, there is just as much gold, and no one but you will be able to cultivate it in the best possible way, since you have the best experience and required means. Soon you start working there, tokenize one more riverbed and gradually increase the daily rewards of your token holders. As long as there are golden rivers, nothing will stop your business, and we don’t mean in the next 15-18 years, but, rather, in 118.

Now imagine that the golden river in our case is not a river per se, but a mining farm. The farm mines Bitcoins rather than gold. The circumstances are so beneficial that the costs of its maintenance are minimal in a global sense. It is moderately cold here, so as not too much is spent on miner cooling, and moderately cheap electricity, so that they keep working even in the most difficult times for Bitcoin (the same thing has happened with gold).

The Minto team has tokenized its Bitcoin mining farm, and now everyone can buy a piece at the rate of 100 BTCMT tokens (Bitcoin Mining Token) = 1 TH/s of Bitcoin hashrate. Of course, you would rather mine gold for yourself, but the river is too far away. You would rather mine Bitcoins for yourself, but miners and their maintenance are expensive, difficult and hardly profitable for one small digger. After buying Minto tokens, you start receiving mining income in Bitcoins in just one day, and Minto continues to work on the development of its “gold-bearing” business, in ways that even Martin Eden could not imagine.

Join Minto and mine “digital gold" with us!

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