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Minto 2022: Year In Review

December 31, 2022
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As 2022 is coming to an end, let's look back together and remember the events it was filled with, what it brought, and the path we have followed. The year was not easy for the entire crypto industry, just recall the collapse of Terra and the bankruptcy of FTX, however, hand on heart, let's note that for the mining industry, all this is nothing more than the games of financiers, whose mistakes, short-sightedness, and sometimes basic greed, undermines confidence in the industry as a whole. At the same time, mining has been, is and will be around, and we will continue to make every effort to increase its profitability and consistently boost Bitcoin mining power within the Minto project.

So, we entered 2022 with 50P of hashrate and 60W/T of energy efficiency. To begin with, we updated the token counter on the project's website, and at the end of January we held the first HECO-Minto AMA and answered the hottest questions from the users of the network where the Minto project was originally launched.

On January 30, Minto celebrated 100 days since the launch of BTCMT token staking, offering a three-day festive program - an 8% discount on tokens on the first day, doubled hashrate on the second and a giveaway on the third.

In February, Minto, held a week-long airdrop - $100 in BTCMT tokens daily in partnership with the Huobi Wallet, and at the same time presented its Gitbook, Minto's knowledge base, where every user can now find answers to all questions about the project.

In March, the project was integrated with the Ellipal hardware wallet,  the audit of new smart contracts was passed, a project BLOG with relevant articles and news was launched, and finally, we held a very pleasant opening of our new head office in Dubai, UAE.

In April, Minto participated in the WDMS Global conference held by Bitmain in Miami, announced a partnership with the popular BitKeep cryptocurrency wallet, tokenized 5P of additional mining capacity (the total capacity went up to 55P, which corresponds to 5.5 million BTCMT tokens), localized the site in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, adding a  280-million audience to the project.

In May, we launched Autofarming - a new Minto service that allows you to automatically earn compound interest on BTCMT token staking. On May 10 Bloomberg published a relevant press release.

On June 1, Minto got its own Discord, and on June 9 the BTCMT token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain, which was probably one of the most important events of 2022 for the project. From that moment on, the BTCMT token became available not only on the HECO network and on the decentralized MDEX exchange, but also on BSC and PancakeSwap. However, the lineup of significant June events did not end there.

On the 15th, Minto CEO addressed the community with a proposal to vote in support of the 65% mining hardware uptime technology  in order to significantly increase mining profitability. The Minto community supported this decision, and the changes took effect on the 20th. At the end of June, Minto CEO attended a Binance event in Kazakhstan and shared his overall vision of the market and mining in particular in front of an expert audience.

In early July, the long-awaited AMA of Minto and BitKeep took place, where users of one of the most popular crypto wallets were able to ask their questions and get a complete idea of the benefits of partnering with Minto. As part of the AMA, an BTCMT token airdrop in the amount of $5,000 was held.

In early August, an AMA of Minto and the iToken wallet took place. Summer was truly a time of questions and answers for Minto. Then autumn came and new challenges appeared.

By that time it became clear that HECO was not developing. In October, the Minto community was asked to decide whether the project needed to migrate from HECO to BNB. The second vote in the span of a year took place, and the community approved the migration. On October 31, Minto announced the successful migration without any changes in the mechanics of mining and smart contracts.

On November 9, Minto introduced Minto Korea, a new brand, and on the same dates took part in the new Bitmain WDMS Global 2022 conference in Cancun, Mexico. We found many new like-minded and the most interesting people there!

On November 16, Minto announced the receipt of a 10% discount on electricity for the quarter. Great news for such an ambiguous November!

And a week later, the second most important event of this year took place - according to the results of the third community vote, Minto made the most important changes to its Whitepaper that can have a deeply positive impact on our common future. Specifically, the energy efficiency baseline level of Minto mining hardware becomes flexible and cannot exceed 60W/T, and with new tokenizations Minto will try to use more efficient mining hardware and gradually improve energy efficiency. Said and done.

On December 13, Minto announced the commissioning of new miners, the project hashrate was increased to 60P, and energy efficiency was improved from 60W/T to 58.5W/T.

On December 31, Minto increased its hashrate even more to 65P, and improved energy efficiency to 57.2W/T.

So, it was quite a long journey, full of searches and new ideas, and now, looking back at the work we did, we are filled with joy and satisfaction.

Stay with Minto in 2023! We will continue our progress, no matter what surprises the market has prepared for us, we will continue to increase hashrate and improve energy efficiency, generate new ideas and find new friends!

Mining does not stop, we are moving on with you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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