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How to purchase BTCMT (Minto) — Full Guide

November 2, 2021
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You decided to purchase BTCMT tokens but don’t know where to begin? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Steps to purchase BTCMT tokens:

1. Create a MetaMask wallet and connect it to Minto
2. Add HT (Huobi Token), USDT (Heco-Peg USDTHECO Token), BTCMT (Minto) tokens to your MetaMask wallet
2. Purchase HT to pay for gas
3. Purchase USDT (in HECO chain) to pay for BTCMT
4. Add Huobi ECO Chain Mainnet to Networks in MetaMask
5. Add USDT to Tokens in MetaMask
6. Add BTCMT to Tokens in MetaMask
7. Transfer HT and USDT (in HECO chain) to your MetaMask
8. Purchase BTCMT on the Minto website

1. Download a MetaMask application

MetaMask is an Ethereum crypto wallet, which works through a browser and a mobile application.
If you have no such wallet, you have to download it.

Download a MetaMask browser extension


Download MetaMask mobile application:


The next step is to configure your wallet. First, come up with a password of at least 8 characters. Next, the program will generate a seed phrase for you to write down and keep in a safe place. With this seed phrase, you can restore your wallet or move it to another PC.

2. Connect MetaMask to Minto, desktop

Here we will consider connecting a browser extension to the desktop Minto version through a mobile application.

Go to the site and connect the wallet.

If you connect through a browser extension, you will be asked to allow the site to add or switch a network, click “Approve”.

When the wallet is connected, you will receive a notification asking to allow this site to switch the network to HECO. Confirm it, click “Switch Network”.

You got the wallet connected and created the “Huobi ECO Chain Mainnet” network.

If you work through the mobile application, you have to configure the Huobi ECO Chain network manually. Go to the “Settings” of the wallet and select the tab “Networks”:

You got to add a new network and enter the data below, and then click “Add Network”:

📍Network Name: Huobi ECO Chain Mainnet

📍ChainID: 128
📍Symbol: HT
📍Block Explorer:

To enter the Minto website through the mobile app, click “TokenPocket” and scan the QR code using the MetaMask app. Then confirm the wallet connection.

3. Connect MetaMask to Minto, mobile version

Work with Minto directly on your smartphone without using the desktop version.

📌Learn more about working with Minto mobile version in the guide “How to connect a wallet to Minto mobile version through a MetaMask application”:

NOTE: We suggest setting the wallet up on the desktop in the browser extension so that it further works correctly in the mobile version.

💎 Once you set up the wallet on the desktop and download the application to your smartphone, go to the wallet desktop version and click “Settings”.

💎 Choose “Advanced”, and click “Sync with mobile”. The program will ask for a password and generate a QR code to sync with a mobile wallet.

💎 Enter the MetaMask application on your phone, select “Sync with MetaMask extension”, scan the QR code that appears in your browser. Now the wallet is connected.

💎 Next, manually set up the Heco network on your mobile wallet, as described in the previous point.

💎 Proceed to the mobile wallet menu, open the “Browser” tab, click on the search symbol, and enter “” in the search box.

💎 You will get the Minto mobile version of the website opened. Next, you will see a “Buy” button on the main page. Click it and connect the MetaMask wallet. Once confirmed, your wallet is connected, so you can work with Minto through your smartphone.

4. Configure your MetaMask wallet for tokens

You should have 3 tokens in your MetaMask: HT (Huobi Token), USDT (Heco-Peg USDTHECO Token), BTCMT (Minto). To add a token, click “Import tokens” and paste a smart contract address and type its ticker (if necessary).


Mobile version:

ATTENTION: USDT (HECO) is a USDT token operating in the Huobi ECO Chain. Its full title is “Heco-Peg USDTHECO Token”. Be careful with transfers because the USDT token operates in different blockchains (like ERC20 and BEP20) and if you transfer them between different blockchains, your tokens can be lost.

1) USDT (HECO) — USDT token operating in Huobi ECO Chain that you’ll use to purchase BTCMT tokens

❗️ Its smart contract address: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

2) BTCMT (Minto) — so it will be displayed in your MetaMask after the purchase

❗️ Its smart contract address: 0x410a56541bD912F9B60943fcB344f1E3D6F09567

3) HBTC — tokenized BTC on HECO blockchain that you’ll get as rewards

❗️ Its smart contract address: 0x66a79d23e58475d2738179ca52cd0b41d73f0bea

Once the tokens are added, your wallet will display them. Now you need to buy them.

To get HT and USDT (HECO) you may use exchanges that support HECO.

For example, you may use:

💎 Huobi Global:

- to buy HT.



Details about how to buy HT tokens and how many — read here “How and why to buy HT — guide”:

5. Buy BTCMT tokens

Visit our website and click the “Buy” button.

Enter the required number of USDT you wish to spend. The calculator will count the number of Tokens you would receive to your MetaMask.

6. Choose lock period

You can choose the lock period when buying tokens

You receive bonuses for choosing the lock period. The longer the lock period, the bigger bonus you receive. For example, if a lock period lasts 90 days, your bonus will be 3%. Therefore, if you have spent USDT to get 1000 BTCMT and choose a 90 days lock period, you will receive 1030 tokens.

You can stake locked tokens and receive a mining reward during the whole lock period. The only limitation is the token transfer to another address. Locked BTCMT tokens would be released weekly in equal portions during the whole lock period. For example, if you purchase 1000 BTCMT with a lock period of 31 days, each week you will receive 250 BTCMT on your wallet.

📍Still have any questions? Feel free to write us in Telegram chat, and we will gladly help you:

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