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How to Connect a Wallet to Minto Mobile Version Through a Metamask Application

August 23, 2021
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Here is a guide on how to use the Minto website on a smartphone.

🔹You will find out:

  • how to install MetaMask on a smartphone and browser
  • how to configure the crypto wallet
  • how to sync a wallet on a mobile phone with a desktop version
  • how to configure the wallet to Heco Mainnet
  • how to log in to the Minto website mobile version through the wallet and connect it

1. Install MetaMask wallet app on your smartphone or install a browser desktop extension.

🔶You may use the crypto wallet via desktop or the mobile app. Having desktop version makes it easier to access the wallet mobile app, it’s not necessary though.

Next we will describe the convenient way to work with the wallet.

Find the MetaMask wallet app in Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS and install it on your smartphone or download from these links:



Download the extension for your browser:



Come up with a password of at least 8 characters and save the seed phrase in several secure places.

2. Get a QR-code to enter

When you see a MetaMask extension in your browser, click on its logo to enter. Go to settings:

Choose the tab “Advanced”

Click “Sync with mobile”

The program will ask you to enter your password, and once done, you will receive a QR code

3. Connect your smartphone

Enter the MetaMask application on your smartphone. There will be several options for further work with the application. First, pick “Synchronize with MetaMask extension”, then scan the QR code that appears in your browser. Now you got the wallet connected.

4. Switch the app to Heco Mainnet

Click on the horizontal stripes in the upper left corner of the screen and go to “Settings”.

Select “Networks” and “Add Network”.

In the window that appears, enter this Heco Mainnet data, then click “Add Network”:

💎Network Name: heco


💎ChainID: 128

💎Symbol: HT

💎Block Explorer:

Now you got your wallet configured to Heco Mainnet

5. Connect the wallet to Minto

Click on the horizontal stripes in the upper right corner and go to the tab “Browser”.

Click on the search symbol at the bottom of the screen and enter the address:

You are now on the Minto website. Choose “Presale”

Then connect the MetaMask wallet and confirm it

💥Done! You got your MetaMask wallet connected to Minto mobile version!💥

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