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How Much Can You Get From DeFi Mining In 100 Days?

February 2, 2022
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On October 21, 2021, the Minto project launched the BTCMT token staking. Since that time, BTCMT holders using the crypto staking option began to receive daily income in bitcoins in the Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) network. Based on the results of the past 100 days of staking, the first conclusions can be made about the profitability of the project and its potential.

The greatest profit was made by those who believed in the project from the very first day. The well-known thesis about the success of early birds confirmed itself again since 30% of the 100-day income was received in the first 10 days of staking when all income was distributed among a fairly small number of holders. However, this was just a nice bonus for the earliest participants of the project, since the main value of Minto is a stable income in the long term.

The Minto crypto mining profitability in the first 10 days of staking

So, if we assume that the user staked 1000 BTCMT, then at the end of a 100 day he earned about $975 of passive income, taking into account fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate. If the user bought BTCMT tokens with the received bitcoins daily and also staked them, then in 100 days he managed to earn Bitcoin mining rewards as about 565 tokens over the staked thousand, and the total income was approximately $1,260.

Thus, the project APR for the first 100 days is 137% annually, APY is about 200%. Excluding the first 10 days, APR and APY amounted to 65% and 70% per annum accordingly. The current TVL of the project, that is, the value of all assets locked in the staking, is about $3.7 million. Minto has demonstrated one of the most attractive returns even outside its segment, making an excellent start for further growth.

100 days of staking with Minto: APR = 137%, APY=200%, TVL=$3.7 million

Recall that so far 50 PH/s hashrate has been allocated for the Minto project, which implies the issue of 5 million BTCMT tokens, 2 million have already been sold by the end of 100 days, and 1.67 million have been sent to staking. Mining rewards according to WP are paid from all mining power and distributed among those who have staked tokens, so the so-called multiplier is used for evaluating profitability. In the current situation, it is approximately 3 (5 million emission/1.67 million staked). This means that the daily income of the participants is tripled compared to regular mining, as they receive additional retained earnings.

As the number of staked tokens increases every day, the multiplier is gradually decreasing, but in the first half of 2022, Minto plans to add an additional hashrate to the project, which will proportionally increase daily payments to customers. In doing so the formula 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s remains unchanged forever.

The formula 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s remains unchanged

Thus, the fall in the bitcoin exchange rate is not a systemic risk for the Minto project and its clients, because clients continue to receive daily passive income regardless of rates. Even in the most difficult times, when mining can become unprofitable for some players and lead to a massive shutdown and even the sale of hardware, the Minto project has such a strong position that it will continue to generate income in any situation. When the market returns to growth, the project participants will receive a multiplied mining profit due to accumulated and saved assets.

The Minto profitability in the first 10 days of 2022

Today, BTCMT tokens are a highly liquid digital asset that allows holders to earn with bitcoin mining without buying physical equipment. BTCMT tokens can be purchased not only on the project’s website, but also on the decentralized MDEX exchange. Despite the drop in the rates of almost all leading cryptocurrencies, the BTCMT rate remains stable due to the limited supply and high attractiveness, already exceeding the presale price by more than 30%.

Despite the constant attacks on bitcoin mining, Minto has shown that the use of renewable energy sources in mining can radically change the situation. In addition, thanks to Minto, mining finds its rightful place in the DeFi space, where a huge selection of decentralized applications (DApps) gives customers incredible freedom in managing digital assets. Therefore, tokenized hashrate is one of the best solutions for those who would like to try themselves in mining or DeFi farming, and Minto, as a young but very bright project, continues to keep its doors open, because 100 days is just the beginning!

On the hundredth day of BTCMT staking in honor of this significant date, Minto doubled the hashrate for one day, and on February 1, all BTCMT holders received doubled rewards. Do not doubt, there are many more pleasant surprises ahead of you! Buy and stake BTC mining tokens (BTCMT) and experience what modern mining is in DeFi staking platform, where the crypto wallet is your personal mining farm.

Minto is set for growth and will double its hashrate to double your staking rewards. Purchase the next generation of mining using this link:

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