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How Minto Regulates Energy Consumption In Mining

August 17, 2022
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Do you know how Bitcoin mining is organized in Minto? You’d think that a mining farm should provide the maximum possible profit and work 24/7! But Minto takes a responsible approach to energy consumption, because even the use of renewable energy sources does not give us the right to thoughtlessly consume a valuable resource.

Everyone knows that the higher the Bitcoin network difficulty, the more expensive the mining. However, the cost of electricity also impacts its cost. The difficulty and the price of kW are not correlated, which means that under certain circumstances they can greatly affect mining profitability. The Minto team found a solution that allows the project to keep mining profitability within certain limits, regardless of fluctuations in the Bitcoin network difficulty and the electricity cost.

Minto uses the mining power of several data centers. But even within the same data center, energy can be supplied by different providers and at different prices. Each provider offers information about peak load times when the price of electricity increases up to one and a half times. The question here is whether it’s worth using expensive energy during peak hours? Minto responsibly declares that there is no need for that, since mining is not a systemically significant industry, and it is important for the regions where data centers are located to have a sufficient supply of electricity for households and manufacturing enterprises.

The Minto team has developed software that automatically shuts down a portion of mining capacity during peak load times on the electric grid of a particular provider. About 65% of all miners work at this time. On the one hand, the number of mined Bitcoins is reduced, on the other hand, mining profitability increases, electricity costs are reduced, and mining does not affect the work of vital industries in the region.

Idle miners consume practically no energy, and when the load on the electric grid is reduced, they are put back into operation. Thus, Minto mining profitability is automatically controlled, making it even more competitive globally. At the same time, some miners work 18 hours a day. While mining becomes unprofitable for many market players with the Bitcoin exchange rate critically declining, Minto continues to mine Bitcoins in the optimal load mode, carefully consuming renewable energy sources and not overloading regional electriс grids.

Bitcoins mined by Minto are called “green” for a good reason -  Minto uses data centers powered by hydroelectric plants, whose carbon footprint is many times lower than that of solar panels and especially wind farms.

Join Minto and earn green Bitcoins with us every day!

For more detailes read the post of Minto CEO and our news about community's voting.

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