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Minto's Autofarm To Earn Compound Interest On Bitcoin Mining

May 6, 2022
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Minto, one of the leading DeFi platforms for Bitcoin mining, has launched an Autofarm service that allows users to get daily mining rewards in $BTC, and to earn compound interest on it, too.

Autofarm is enabled at the touch of a button and automatically maximizes any user’s profit for an unlimited time. Every day mining income is converted into hashrate, becoming a source of additional mining income in the following days. However, Autofarm is only one of the platform’s convenient features.

Due to its collaboration with partner data centers located in the Northern latitudes, Minto is best known for its reliable infrastructure that ensures the Bitcoin mining profitability that is close to the maximum achievable. At the same time, all Minto's Bitcoins are rightfully considered “green”, since they are mined with the help of carbon-neutral hydroelectric power plants.

On April 19, 2022, the flow of “green” Bitcoins was increased by 10% by connecting additional mining capacities (5 PH/s) to the project, which instantly increased the income of platform users by 10%. After that, the total Minto hashrate available to users increased to 55 PH/s.

Minto is based on the idea of making mining accessible to the common man. Having built a powerful mining infrastructure, Minto proposed an innovative concept of hashrate tokenization. Now every user can buy Bitcoin hashrate (a piece of a mining farm) in the amount they need, and get their first mining reward in just a day.

Such a revolutionary approach eliminates the problem of purchasing expensive mining hardware, its hosting, connection, configuration and maintenance, as well as that of finding a reliable and inexpensive power source. Instead of physical hardware with a certain hashrate, the Minto user operates with BTCMT hashrate tokens (BTC Mining Token), and Minto takes full care of all the mining hardware.

The Minto team emphasizes the project’s important advantages. Bitcoin mining in Minto DApp is based on real working mining hardware. $BTCMT tokens are backed by real hashrate in the 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s ratio and are a highly liquid asset traded on the decentralized MDEX exchange. If a user prefers active strategies, he can earn not only on direct mining, but also on the BTCMT exchange rate fluctuations.

Initially, Minto was launched on the HECO network, and in mid-2022 it is also expected to launch on the BSC network. This significantly expands the BTCMT tokens' availability among crypto enthusiasts who work on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Minto provides an exceptionally simple interface to manage hashrate - buying, selling, and staking of BTCMT tokens. BTC rewards can be easily converted into any asset of any blockchain inside any Minto-recommended wallet, f.e. BitKeep, or its internal DApps, including PancakeSwap.

User preferences and needs are the main priority for Minto, which is especially proud of the fact that its technology allows users to start mining with any initial amount.

Minto provides the highest level of security, confirmed by the project’s major partners. Mining power is connected to one of the largest mining pools. The project broadcasts online in real time directly from a working data center. Minto smart contracts have been verified by the leading companies in the industry.

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