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A Detailed Guide On Staking

October 21, 2021
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We decided to collect all necessary information on staking in one place, for your convenience.

🔴How to stake coins

To have the opportunity to stake token (BTCMT), you should have these tokens in your wallet as well as HT tokens to pay gas.

🚩Here is the guide on how to buy HT tokens.

❣Go to the official site of the staking program:

❣Connect the MetaMask wallet (the upper right corner of the page).

NB! For desktop version:

If you want to use a BitKeep wallet but a MetaMask wallet is already installed on your PC, please before clicking switch off your MetaMask in your browser settings (e.g. Chrome or Opera).

You can always switch MetaMask on back.

After MetaMask is disabled click <Connect Wallet> and check the HECO connection in your BitKeep.

❣You can stake locked and not locked tokens. In the window that pops up, enter the number of locked and not locked tokens you would like to stake and click “All available” if you want to stake all the tokens you have:

The lower right corner of the screen shows the approximate size of your rewards in HBTC and daily share. Also, here you can see the number of tokens you staked before.

🟢How to find out the number of coins issued?

The number of coins issued impacts their price and the amount of the mining rewards, so knowing this figure helps you plan finances.

To check the number of coins issued, click on the “Stats” tab:

In the window that pops up, in the box “Total Issued”, you can see the current number of BTCMT tokens issued:

🟠How to figure out the number of coins staked?

The number of coins and participants in staking determines the reward for each participant: the fewer participants, the bigger reward for every 100 BTCMT.

To check out the number of coins staked, go on the Stats” tab

And there you will see the number of tokens in staking and other figures:

🟡How to withdraw the staked BTCMT tokens

Open the tab “Mining” on our website:

In the window that pops up, you will see the number of rewards in HBTC currently available. Next, enter the number of tokens you wish to withdraw and click “Claim”:

Done! Now you have HBTC tokens in your wallet and know how to earn BTC staking rewards!

HBTC is a tokenized BTC issued by Huobi Global and envisioned to promote the development of the decentralized market. The HBTC token is pegged to Bitcoin in a 1:1 ratio. Therefore, as a result of staking BTCMT tokens, you receive tokenized BTC at the current rate.

💎If you have any questions, feel free to write to us in chat, and we will happily answer them all.

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