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to mine

Get rewards in BTC daily and store your earnings safely using BTCMT. Seems easy, and it is.
Let’s try


BTCMT is backed by the computing power of operating bitcoin mining hardware.
0.01 TH/s
capacity of one BTCMT


It's not just a token you buy — it's passive income in BTC no matter what.
ROI (Return On Investment)


BTCMT is affordable for everyone and doesn’t require hardcore trading or mining expertise.
BTCMT price

How do I calculate ROI?

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So how do I use this BTCMT?

You don’t need to be an active trader or know how to mine. Just set and forget — BTCMT will do the rest.
Step 1

You buy tokens

BTCMT is a piece of miners' power. When you buy BTCMT, you buy a certain amount of power.
Step 2

You stake tokens

To make BTCMT earn bitcoins you need to stake them. Staking tokens is like putting them to work.
Step 3

Your tokens mine bitcoin

While your BTCMT are on stake, they mine bitcoin.
Step 4

You receive rewards

And you receive daily reward in bitcoins for their work, in proportion to the number of tokens you own
Step 5

You withdraw anytime

The best part is that you can withdraw your bitcoin rewards any time and in any amount.

Want to know more?

Got any numbers to show?

Total tokens staked
2 668 734BTCMT
$2 028 237
Total profit of token owners
Total mining power
104 000TH/s
Number of token owners
13 500+
Every month we share a verified progress report on our social media

Wow, how does it all work?

Our mining farm is the foundation that ties all the pieces together.

The longest mining farm in the world

We built it ourselves with up-to-date materials and hardware to make sure everything works properly in the long term.

24/7 care

All hard work is on us: our engineers and technicians keep a vigilant eye on the equipment while the support team is ready to help you all hours.

Quality standards

We are licensed to provide telecom services, comply with ISO 27001, and use renewable hydro energy from our private hydro-electrical plant.

Planning a trip
to the moon?

Nothing here happens without the decision of the Minto owners. It’s you who lead us to the moon.
Become a project at the intersection of DAO and DeFi
Expand mining capacity ×3
october 10, 2023
Launched Autofarm V2
vote results
JUNe 15, 2023
Transfered our tokens from HECO Chain to BNB Chain
vote results
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Do you work with some big guys?

We work on BNB Smart Chain
We are a part of top 3 mining pools

But what if I still have questions?

Then we will answer each one.

Just ask!

Our support team is on the line 24/7.
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Do you have a white paper?

Of course! It is right here.

white paper

How can I know if these are real miners?

All our miners are a part of the top 3 mining pools in the world. You can check our current mining power in real time. And we live stream our mining farm, tune in!

What are your security guarantees?

All our smart contracts were audited by the Hacken blockchain security auditor. They made sure no one could gain access to your assets. Plus, you can withdraw your money whenever you want without any restrictions or hidden conditions.

Audit report

Where can I find Minto's smart contract?

Here it is, on a BSC scan directly.


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